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My fiction is contemporary, so the settings and the characters are completely modern and struggle with today’s issues. But the men and women in my writing leave a big footprint, because their personalities and their solutions to problems hark back to the iconic days which really don’t exist anymore. My characters truly live by the Code of the West.
I write sensual romance set in Wyoming. My strong heroines love cowboys and lawmen! I love hearing from readers, so please contact me.

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Perilous Promises is the second sensual contemporary romance in the Hawk Point Romances series by Christi Williams. Perilous Promises was published August 1, 2013 by Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books. The series began with Take a Chance on Love, published April 15, 2013 by WCP.

Perilous Promises

She can survive anything except the men who love her.       

Perris Dalton doesn’t need a man. She left southwest Wyoming broken, so transformed by fighting cancer even her big hunk of a lawman couldn’t make love to her. Now she’s back.

Her new job is to mitigate conflicts with raptors at a power plant’s coal mine. There’s no reason for her path to cross her ex-husband’s. But when an environmental demonstration inexplicably centers in on her, Sheriff Noah Dalton steps in, confident he can win back the woman who once walked out on him.

As the demonstration spirals into personal attacks, Noah, Perris’s father the sheep rancher, and her brother the college student hatch a secret plot to protect her.

In an epic contest of wills with a lone woman survivor used to solving her own problems, and three Western heroes just as determined to save her, all hell starts to break loose.

Perilous Promises excerpt:

Noah pushed the brim of his brown Stetson back. His lengthy perusal brought him to the realization that Perri looked good this morning. Real good. Anger had always given a tinge of healthy color to her cheeks and made her green eyes sparkle, almost akin to the look she had after a vigorous session in bed. She was as beautiful as ever. He knew a hello kiss with a tongue-mating session to get reacquainted was probably out of order, and so he meant to just drink his fill of the sight of her while he had the chance.

Perris gripped the steering wheel to still her quivering fingers. She remembered all too well the familiar intimacy in Noah’s voice. For a moment she forced herself to keep looking through the front windshield at the yelling protesters as she fought to control her breathing. Her heart beat frantically, like a sparrow trapped in her chest. That low resonance in his voice had once been enough to have her eagerly shedding her clothes while he grinned and tugged off his own. She could still feel his hands on her, hot on cool flesh, and the memory of what his hands had once done to her was enough to make beads of perspiration pop out and begin to trickle down between her breasts.

She turned her head slowly, as if afraid her rigid neck would break if she made too sudden a move in Noah’s presence. She looked at a familiar brawny chest straining the seams of a crisp white uniform shirt, and then her eyes traveled up the column of his corded neck. A square, smooth-shaven jaw framed generous lips curved into a smile tilted at one corner. 

Above a slim, straight nose were light blue eyes gone steel gray in the early morning sunlight. She remembered those odd, changeable eyes. Eyes that could glint silver with concern, or melt her with a baby blue gaze. Their present flat steel tint indicated strongly to Perris that Noah, too, was hiding his true feelings.

She hadn’t expected to see those mercurial eyes up close ever again. Or that lean jaw, thick blond hair, strong arms and long legs...Dammit, would you stop it! she chided herself. Just stop repeating that litany right now. You don’t miss Noah. You don’t need him, or any man, in your life.

Noah stared at Perris across a distance of years and two much changed lives. But five long years weren’t enough to prepare her to meet him once again. She realized with another jolt to her battered heart, that if she told the truth, maybe the rest of her life wouldn’t be long enough to forget Noah Dalton. 

She dropped her eyes again to his immaculate white shirt with three stars on each collar point and the big silver star over his heart. She knew the significance of that shirt. Why hadn’t she seen its crisp whiteness coming toward her, recognized the meaning of the color that distinguished his rank from the tan shirts of his deputies?

Probably because Noah hadn’t been wearing white when she decided to leave him. When Perris divorced Noah five years before, he’d worn tan. He hadn’t yet been elected sheriff of Powell County.

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  1. Hi Elodie, Thanks for featuring Perilous Promises on your blog today. I hope anyone who picks up a copy enjoys this gently humorous look at the stereotype of the strong, silent Western hero!


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