Someone makes a pass at Jake.

He went to speak to Lisbeth Barchet. She was in her office and remarkably calm. She was on the phone. Jake waited outside her open door for a moment where a small ornate couch was situated, most likely for her visitors to wait. She ended the call and gestured to him.
“Come in. Just ordering flowers. I have a dinner party on Saturday.” She smiled at him and Jake wondered why she too wasn’t frantic about the theft.
He sat down on the chair  opposite her and placed his cell phone on the desk, so that she could see he was recording her answers.
“Why aren’t you as worried about the theft and the fashion show as your husband Mrs. Barchet?” Jake asked quietly.
“It was doomed from the start. Graham’s lost his touch. Still I bet Marcus and Janice can pull together a few dresses for the show to save his arse.” She made the same face that Jake had seen her make earlier.
Jake considered this. “Have you any ideas who might steal the dresses? Anyone in the fashion world who might have known of their existence, and decide to put the spanner in the works for your husband?”
“I don’t know of anyone.” She gazed at Jake in a way that gave him the spooks.
She got up and moved to stand by him. Jake wasn’t surprised when she ran her hand along his shoulders.
“Jake you’re an attractive guy. I guess you know that.” She traced her fingertip down his face.
Jake remained calm. It wasn’t the first time in his job that a woman had made an unwanted pass at him. He thought right away that she was doing it to put him off track. He didn’t yet know why, but he’d find out. He stood up slowly and turned to her.
“Thank you Mrs. Barchet. I think that will be enough for now, but I might need to ask a few more questions later.”
She smiled at him. Jake found it distasteful.
“Any time Jake.”

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from the 5 *review on Readers' Favorite (not paid for) 
"The characters are interestingly sketched. Jake's character remains in your mind and from the way the author speaks about him, you start creating an image of him. I found Jake Snow very sexy and attractive. His personality is magnetic and it does justice to the love scenes. Pixie as his love interest is very charming and sexy.

Though the book has some erotic scenes, there is the sub-theme of a private detective too. The author has managed to interconnect them skillfully and weave a beautiful romantic story."

Welcome to author Jamielynne Boothe with his novella The Journey

Jamielynn Boothe is a laid back southern boy who was born and raised in the small town of Moneta, Virginia, but currently residing in Torrington, Ct. Working a full-time job as he writes he works on fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a successful author.

    JamieLynn enjoys the simple things in life such as good music, movies that make you laugh, cry, and afraid. He loves cats, eating good home-cooked southern food, art, travelling, nature, family and time with friends as well as time to himself.

    Writing is his passion, and JamieLynn loves creating books that touch another persons heart and soul. He has written two books so far. Nightmares and Dreams, a novel, and The Journey, a novella. He is currently working on the sequel to Nightmares and Dreams, and a new love story.

    JamieLynn is currently single but hopes to find that special woman one day.

The Journey

    Samantha Jenson is trapped in a world like so many others; a world full of fear and death. A world where the disease of addiction has an iron grasp on her life and controls her soul so powerfully even the strongest of men would cower down on his knees and beg for mercy. A world where she struggles to escape and tries to live at least somewhat of a normal life.

    Here is the story of a young woman, deeply addicted to the drug called “Intimacy”. Her life has been a disaster because of her addictions through the years but this particular drug is her master. Samantha has lost everything but most importantly her desire to live.

    Can Samantha escape the talons her demons have on her? Can Samantha regain control of her life and tear down the walls of despair? Will she regain hope, her desire to live and her family? Travel with her on her journey and see what happens in her world. You just might be able to relate.

Note from JamieLynn:
I just want to say that this novella is close to my heart because I am in recovery and most of the people in my life are as well. I can relate to the horrors of addiction. I wanted to write something that millions of people can relate to on some level, and help others understand the disease of addiction and recovery a little better.

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My Sexy saturday brings you a preview excerpt from soon to be released, 'Swoop on Love' an erotic paranormal romance

This week's post is from my October release with Evernight Publishing. An erotic paranormal romance, & sentences

'Swoop on Love'
7 sexy sentences

Jeanie didn’t want to say he’d been the one to kiss her. She wanted more kisses. She put her hand along his jaw bringing his face back to hers to kiss him. They were trapped in a web of sexual need. Jeanie felt a fresh rush of wetness in her panties as she kissed him. Her nipples were hard and all she could think about was what it might be like being in bed with him. She tried to bring herself down to earth. 

Today I welcome Annalynne Russo to the blog with her hot off the press novel, Blood of the Nile

Annalynne Russo 
A native of sunny San Diego, California, Annalynne Russo always had a vivid imagination. As a child, she loved to escape reality by immersing herself in books and poetry. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature, Annalynne worked as both a bilingual elementary school teacher and curriculum developer for more than 10 years. But soon her dream of becoming a writer became too difficult to ignore.
Nowadays, she passes the time fantasizing about hot and sexy heroes that nearly leap out of her imagination, begging for their stories to be told. A firm believer in the phrase, Love Conquers All, Annalynne is a sucker for a juicy romance and spends almost as much time reading as she does writing.

Blood of the Nile 

Maliyah Aziz has no time for men. Employed by the U.S. Government overseas, the self-described workaholic refuses to let a relationship derail her flourishing career. But when her estranged father passes away abruptly, she must re-examine her priorities and return to Cairo, a place plagued with bittersweet memories of her childhood.
For eight hundred years, vampire Ramses Shakir maintains a low profile, making a living along the trade routes of the Nile River. Although not until he forms a partnership with a human by the name of Anwar al Aziz, does he truly make his mark on society. Together the two men amass a fortune and forge an unbreakable bond. Suspicious of Anwar’s sudden death, the vampire turns to his best friend’s daughter in search of answers. As they scour all of Egypt for clues, the last thing Ramses and Maliyah expect to find is love.

Read an excerpt:

Ramses dragged his fingers through his damp hair as perspiration gathered at the base of his skull. That day, the temperature in the Sahara surpassed one hundred degrees and Maliyah wasn’t doing him any favors by turning up the heat. The wanton tease made him want to yank off the flowing, floral print dress she wore and fuck her silly. Visions of her sweet ass plastered against the windows of the train car danced in his head. He wanted her naked and it didn’t matter if a whole caravan of desert nomads stopped to catch a glimpse. Their coupling was bound to happen. Why not sooner than later?
Nonetheless, Maliyah made a good point. Ramses had promised her cousin Husani that he’d keep his hands to himself. A man of honor, he intended to stay true to his word. He wouldn’t touch Maliyah. At least, not with his hands. His mouth and cock, on the other hand, were both fair game.
            Before Maliyah returned from the powder room, he reached into the small rolling suitcase he’d brought along for the trip. He pulled out a red paisley necktie and placed it next to the other articles of clothing he’d dangled over the chair. There was a good chance he’d need to be tied up in order to keep his paws off Maliyah. The necktie would come in handy if that turned out to be the case.
            The door swung open and Maliyah sauntered in. Her hair was now loose, its shiny, brown tentacles hung haphazardly in front of her face. She’d removed most of her make-up and traded in her three-inch heels for a pair of simple strappy sandals. She looked up at Ramses. Her green-gold gaze locked with his. At the same time, her lower lip jutted out to entice him with its sultry pout.
            Maliyah stepped closer and spoke into his chest. He could feel the heat from her skin tickle his nerve endings. “So now what? We’ve got eleven hours to kill and I’m saving the fashion magazines Salma shoved in the side of my bag until I get desperate?”
            “You? Desperate?” Ramses repeated. His raspy tone came out as sensual and breathy, with a hint of sarcasm mixed in to keep Maliyah on her toes. “It’d be a pity if we let that happen. I think we can find something to keep us occupied. Maybe there’s a deck of cards in my carry on.”
            Maliyah put her hand to her lips as if to giggle, but instead a loud snort came out through her nose.
Is she mocking me? Ramses thought to himself. She hadn’t uttered a single word, yet he knew her snicker was meant in protest.
Only Maliyah, a siren who embodied the perfect combination of subtle innocence and feisty femme fatale, could dish out corrosive rancor just as well as she could take it. That time, she’d done so without even opening her mouth. Although Ramses had great reverence for the Egyptian culture in which he was reared, he found himself drawn to Maliyah’s freethinking, American tendencies. He respected her desire for independence and the rebellious streak she wielded at every turn.
Before he could think of a saucy comeback, Maliyah had already placed both hands on Ramses’ bare shoulders. She massaged his biceps and let the pads of her fingers caress their way up and down his arm. Soon, they became tangled in the shaggy, black hair that gathered at his neck.
“How could a game of cards possibly keep me amused? Not when I have all this tempting, well-toned flesh at my disposal.”
“Wait,” Ramses said, pulling back slightly. He hadn’t anticipated Maliyah’s aggressive pursuit. His need for her bordered on the absurd, but he knew he’d have to take things slow. Otherwise, his vampire persona might make an unexpected appearance. He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep from touching her. “What about the pledge we made to Husani?”
Maliyah leaned in, and her heated breath skated across his tanned skin, sending a direct signal to his cock. It was time to come out and play. Whatever sport Maliyah wanted to tackle, Ramses would step up to the plate.
“I made no such promise. Just keep your hands to yourself, lover boy. Let me do all the work,” she said, darting her tongue out to taste him. God damn, Maliyah was a woman after his own heart. God damn, Maliyah was a woman after his own heart. Her succulent lips blazed a path from his neck, passed the sparse patch of hair that peeked out from the top of his shirt.
 Maliyah hiked the shirt up past his navel. Her eyes followed the line of dark curls downward until she once again spotted the thick erection through his jeans. She sank to her knees, and then used her hands to remove his belt. One by one, she undid the buttons of his 501’s, as a flush of red spread across her face. She must have realized that he wore nothing underneath.
Ramses’ shaft was as hard as stone. It sprang eagerly from his jeans. Maliyah lowered them to the floor and without hesitation licked the head of his cock into her mouth.
“To hell with restraint!” Ramses groaned.
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