Hi my name's Jake and I'm a private investigator

Hi Jake,
Welcome to the blog. Tell everyone a little about yourself.

Hi Elodie, 
Thank you for inviting me to the blog today, especially since the book I feature in has just been released.

I’m nearly twenty-nine. I have a home in Bath in the United Kingdom, but I might be about to sell it. I work, as you know, for the Brandt Black Private Investigation Agency. I have a sister, Bethany. She’s in the States right now with her movie star husband, Seth Carbery. I haven't seen much of my sister Bethany since she and Seth were married. They are on location again for a new movie. I was thinking of taking a vacation with them. Don't let that picture Pixie took of me on the roof fool you, I don't really like heights much.

 What's the story about Jake and why is is titled Jake Snow?

I don't want to give spoilers. It's about a case I'm assigned to in the fashion world. It's a love story. It's about how life can suddenly take a different turn.

So can we expect steamy love scenes?

Yes. It's definitely steamy at times, but the story is grounded in real life. What happens to people and how people do things that aren't all that nice really. 

What can you tell us about the title?
It's my name. I guess the author thought since it's my story then that was an okay title. I like it.

What about Pixie? I think lots of people know now that you two get together in some way from the blog posts around the place.
 I can only say that we do get together a few times, (smiles). Pixie is hot. She's intelligent, talented and turns me to mush.

That's a brave thing to say, some guys wouldn't admit that.
Do you think so? I'm not afraid to go after the woman I want. 

Thanks for visiting, Jake.
My pleasure.  


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  1. Got to love a PI, as sexy as Jake. :) I'd love to read this. :D


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