My Sexy saturday brings you a preview excerpt from soon to be released, 'Swoop on Love' an erotic paranormal romance

This week's post is from my October release with Evernight Publishing. An erotic paranormal romance, & sentences

'Swoop on Love'
7 sexy sentences

Jeanie didn’t want to say he’d been the one to kiss her. She wanted more kisses. She put her hand along his jaw bringing his face back to hers to kiss him. They were trapped in a web of sexual need. Jeanie felt a fresh rush of wetness in her panties as she kissed him. Her nipples were hard and all she could think about was what it might be like being in bed with him. She tried to bring herself down to earth. 


  1. Nice snippet. You can just tell how much she wants him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Intense. Hopefully he doesn't make her wait long.


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