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The Night of the Horse
A lonely young woman signs up for dance lessons. Two gorgeous guys find her as fascinating as she finds them. On the country road where she lives she hears horses in the night, and opens her bedroom window to watch them gallop. So beautiful, a silver white horse and tall black horse...they turn to stare at her. Had they heard and understood when she sighed over them?
“Hi, I knew you lived around here from your enrollment form, but having never run into you before I’m surprised to see you.” He looked delighted rather than surprised and Rosie felt a shock of desire as she took in that he had no shirt on and his jeans were low on his hips. He was so gorgeous, his muscles defined, his skin smooth, and she saw he had a tattoo high on his arm, a black horse rearing up on its hind legs.
Rosie’s eyes traced the sexy V of his hips and she saw a fine line of glistening hair run from low on his stomach down into his jeans. She could almost see his pubic hair and without thinking leaned forward to see more. She couldn’t, and looked quickly at his face, a faint blush heating her neck as she saw he’d realized what she was doing.
Justin’s eyes sparkled. He took only seconds to hold her shoulders and kiss her. Rosie kissed him back, leaning against him as he moved his arms to around her waist.
He whispered between kisses. “I’d like to make love to you, I would…I know we’ve hardly met, but I want you so much.”
Rosie felt her heart take a leap and beat faster. She felt her stomach clench with desire. She knew she wanted Justin. She hadn’t had sex for a long time and the thought of it was too hard to resist. She put her arms up around Justin’s neck and kissed him, lingering as he caressed her back with his hands up inside her sweater.

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