Someone makes a pass at Jake.

He went to speak to Lisbeth Barchet. She was in her office and remarkably calm. She was on the phone. Jake waited outside her open door for a moment where a small ornate couch was situated, most likely for her visitors to wait. She ended the call and gestured to him.
“Come in. Just ordering flowers. I have a dinner party on Saturday.” She smiled at him and Jake wondered why she too wasn’t frantic about the theft.
He sat down on the chair  opposite her and placed his cell phone on the desk, so that she could see he was recording her answers.
“Why aren’t you as worried about the theft and the fashion show as your husband Mrs. Barchet?” Jake asked quietly.
“It was doomed from the start. Graham’s lost his touch. Still I bet Marcus and Janice can pull together a few dresses for the show to save his arse.” She made the same face that Jake had seen her make earlier.
Jake considered this. “Have you any ideas who might steal the dresses? Anyone in the fashion world who might have known of their existence, and decide to put the spanner in the works for your husband?”
“I don’t know of anyone.” She gazed at Jake in a way that gave him the spooks.
She got up and moved to stand by him. Jake wasn’t surprised when she ran her hand along his shoulders.
“Jake you’re an attractive guy. I guess you know that.” She traced her fingertip down his face.
Jake remained calm. It wasn’t the first time in his job that a woman had made an unwanted pass at him. He thought right away that she was doing it to put him off track. He didn’t yet know why, but he’d find out. He stood up slowly and turned to her.
“Thank you Mrs. Barchet. I think that will be enough for now, but I might need to ask a few more questions later.”
She smiled at him. Jake found it distasteful.
“Any time Jake.”

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from the 5 *review on Readers' Favorite (not paid for) 
"The characters are interestingly sketched. Jake's character remains in your mind and from the way the author speaks about him, you start creating an image of him. I found Jake Snow very sexy and attractive. His personality is magnetic and it does justice to the love scenes. Pixie as his love interest is very charming and sexy.

Though the book has some erotic scenes, there is the sub-theme of a private detective too. The author has managed to interconnect them skillfully and weave a beautiful romantic story."

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