Teaser Tuesday snippet from The Winter Girl

They stood close in the hall after Lily had let him in.

“Lily I told John we’d go to Petra’s dinner party tonight, is that okay?”

She already knew. Madge had teased her when she was in the shop to buy a pair of black stockings. Initially they weren’t to wear for the dinner but meant to entice Ash when they next saw each other because Lily was having the time of her life with him. The sex was so good it was all she thought about when they were apart. She didn’t let herself think about Ash in any other way than this. She decided that was the best thing to do because she didn’t want anything to change. She wanted to enjoy this time with a man who gave her the best orgasms she’d ever had, the most intoxicating kisses and let her touch him, lick him, kiss him as much as she wanted.

Lily smiled as she put her arms up around his neck and pressed her body along his.

“Ash put the heart down before you melt it.”

Ash held it out at arm’s length so that she could hold him close. He bent his head and kissed her hard bringing his other hand up to hold her neck. He stroked his thumb along her jaw and then along her lips.

“It’ll be you that melts it Lily, you look smoking.”

She was dressed for him.

Her black dress the shortest she owned, the neckline dipping low to show the tops of her breasts in her push-up bra. She was wearing black stockings and a garter belt. Her shoe heels were very high. The last time she had worn them was to the staff Christmas dinner, after which she had thrown them into a box annoyed that Nick was inconsiderate enough to bring his new girlfriend to meet the whole firm.

Lily had left her long, dark hair loose, and now Ash took a handful and pulled her back to his lips. He murmured against them.

“I want to drag that dress up around your waist and sit you across my knee. I want my fingers inside you. Lily I’m going to die waiting to take you to bed if this dinner lasts too long.”

Lily traced her tongue over his lips.

“We could just take a few moments now Ash.” She unzipped his jeans and dipped her fingers in to touch the smooth head of his half erection.

Ash groaned slightly and dropped the chocolate heart onto the hall table. It made a slight clunk sound and a dent appeared in the gold foil wrapping. Neither of them saw this.


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