Welcome to author Jamielynne Boothe with his novella The Journey

Jamielynn Boothe is a laid back southern boy who was born and raised in the small town of Moneta, Virginia, but currently residing in Torrington, Ct. Working a full-time job as he writes he works on fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a successful author.

    JamieLynn enjoys the simple things in life such as good music, movies that make you laugh, cry, and afraid. He loves cats, eating good home-cooked southern food, art, travelling, nature, family and time with friends as well as time to himself.

    Writing is his passion, and JamieLynn loves creating books that touch another persons heart and soul. He has written two books so far. Nightmares and Dreams, a novel, and The Journey, a novella. He is currently working on the sequel to Nightmares and Dreams, and a new love story.

    JamieLynn is currently single but hopes to find that special woman one day.

The Journey

    Samantha Jenson is trapped in a world like so many others; a world full of fear and death. A world where the disease of addiction has an iron grasp on her life and controls her soul so powerfully even the strongest of men would cower down on his knees and beg for mercy. A world where she struggles to escape and tries to live at least somewhat of a normal life.

    Here is the story of a young woman, deeply addicted to the drug called “Intimacy”. Her life has been a disaster because of her addictions through the years but this particular drug is her master. Samantha has lost everything but most importantly her desire to live.

    Can Samantha escape the talons her demons have on her? Can Samantha regain control of her life and tear down the walls of despair? Will she regain hope, her desire to live and her family? Travel with her on her journey and see what happens in her world. You just might be able to relate.

Note from JamieLynn:
I just want to say that this novella is close to my heart because I am in recovery and most of the people in my life are as well. I can relate to the horrors of addiction. I wanted to write something that millions of people can relate to on some level, and help others understand the disease of addiction and recovery a little better.

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