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Leanora Moore loves to read and write about happy endings in romance novels. After publishing her first two romance novels titled "The Caress of a Younger Man" and "Heavenly Kingdom", Leanora wanted to see more plus size women as heroines in romance novels. So she decided to create the "Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series", that tells the stories of feisty plus size women and the men that they love.
Finding Love Within 
Deidra Parker is a plus size executive assistant, who has led a boring life and she's tired of it. So she decided to add some excitement to her life. Starting with getting the attention of the only man she has ever loved since they were kids in the sandbox and who also happened to be her boss, Jackson Reynolds. 
Jackson has the reputation of being a playboy, because his relationships never last longer than a month or two. Just ending his last relationship, Jackson starts to rethink his idea on dating and wants to give up on dating for a while. 
Will Deidra's new look and attitude make Jackson want to be in a lasting relationship or will he revert back to his old ways and hurt Deidra in the process?
Finding Love Within Excerpt:
At the reception, after taking a ton of pictures and having to pose next to Jackson in most of them, Deidra needed a drink. Standing at the bar, sipping on a margarita, Deidra tried to calm her nerves, as her mind and body had different plans.
“I see that Jackson has thrown you away like an old dish towel,” said a female voice behind her. When Deidra turned around, she came face to face with Evelyn Foster.
“Don’t get me confused with yourself,” Deidra replied smiling. This was the fight she had needed, so she could release some of the anger balled up inside of her.
“Did you truly think you could satisfy a man like Jackson,” Evelyn asked smiling. It took everything in her being, not to smack the hell out of that cow, but she did not want to ruin her best friend’s wedding, so she did the next best thing.
“Even though my relationship with Jackson is none of your business, but I need to ask this, how does it feel to be told by a man over and over that he doesn’t want you? He has even had you thrown out of the buildings a few times?” Deidra asked as she sat her drink down on the bar and turned back to Evelyn smiling.
“What the hell are you doing at my wedding?” Trinity asked as she and Jackson walked up looking mad as hell.
“I can to support my future sister in law, congratulations by the way,” Evelyn replied as she went to hug Trinity, but Trinity stepped back.
“Evelyn was just telling me, how she thought that Jackson had thrown me away like an old dish rag. Oh yeah, and that I couldn’t hold on to a man like you, Jackson,” Deidra stated smiling as Evelyn’s smile dimmed a little, when she looked at Jackson’s stone face.
Lifting her drink up from the bar to her lips, Deidra tried to hide her smile, then she thought what the hell, this woman came over there messing with her. So she lowered her glass and smiled at Evelyn, who sent daggers from her eyes toward Deidra.
“What are you smiling about fat ass?” Evelyn yelled drawing everyone’s attention.
Walking slowly around her, ” it’s just so funny how I, the fat girl, ended up with the man that you have been stalking, and from the look on his face, he still doesn’t want you,” Deidra finished with her drink still in her hand, she walked over to Jackson and placed her arm around his waist, and he did the same while smiling down at her.
“As you can see, we are in love, and for the last time, I don’t want you,” Jackson stated just as security walked up.
“Jackson, I know you don’t mean that. This fat ass bitch must be doing something to you,” Evelyn yelled.
“I got your fat bitch,” Deidra yelled as she dashed the rest of her drink in Evelyn’s face and then lunged at her, but Jackson grabbed her.
“You bitch,” Evelyn screamed and just as she lunged at Deidra, security grabbed her arms as Jackson’s and Deidra’s family surrounded them.
“I got your bitch!” Deidra yelled as she punched Evelyn in her jaw, knocking her to the floor. Jackson and Robert quickly grabbed Deidra as security started pulling Evelyn out of the room kicking and screaming.
Deidra pulled herself out of Jackson and Roberts arms, and walked over to the bar to get another drink because her nerves were on the edge and she felt like killing someone. With a new drink in her hand she started pacing back and forth trying to calm down. She couldn’t believe that the witch had the balls to say that mess to her.
“Sis, are you alright?” Robert asked as he made her stop pacing and look up at him.
“I’m fine, I’m just tired of her thinking she can talk to me out the side of her neck, and not have to deal with the consequences,” Deidra stated after she took a deep breath.
“Sis, she’s gone now, you sure you don’t need some ice for your hand,” Daniel asked as he looked at her bruised hand.
“No, it will be fine,” Deidra replied as she looked down at her hand.
“That woman is crazy,” Amelia Reynolds, Jackson’s mom, stated as the party music started again.
“She was about to get her butt whipped for trying to ruin my reception,” Trinity stated as Jason put his arms around her shoulders.
“Let’s just focus on having a good time,” Alan Parker, Deidra’s dad said as he pulled his daughter into his arms and hugged her.
“He’s right Trinity, you owe your dear old dad a dance anyway,” Connor stated as he twirled Trinity around, causing everyone to laugh and head to the dance floor leaving Jackson and Deidra alone.
“Are you alright?” Jackson asked as he stood in front of her and lifted her chin.
“Yeah I’m fine, just tired of all this craziness,” Deidra replied as he reached for her hand and started to look at it. The feel of his hand sent a shiver down her spine and made her forget all about the pain she was feeling.
“I know that now isn’t the time, but after the reception, can we go somewhere and talk?” Jackson asked looking into her eyes.
Just looking into his eyes, and feeling his firm hand caressing hers, made her feel safe again, and she quickly remembered why she fell in love with him in the first place.
“Jackson, it’s not going to change my mind, but yes we can talk,” she said as she tried to figure out, who she was trying to convince, him or herself.
“Thank you, now can I have the honor of this dance,” Jackson asked as he led her onto the dance floor. By the smile on his face, she knew he was up to something.
Dancing across the dance floor, Deidra tried to enjoy the way it felt in his arms, and the masculine smell of his cologne that just wrapped around her like a warm blanket on a cold night. She felt safer than she had in the past month, and then she realized that after everything was over at the reception, she would be alone again in her hotel room.
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