Jewel Quinlan shares how becoming an author changed her life

Thanks Elodie for having me on your blog and hello everyone! By the way, Elodie, I love the pictures at the top of your blog. So hot! And I have just added Night of the Horse to my TBR list.
Becoming an author has changed my life in so many ways it’s a little hard to narrow it into the top five but here I’m going to give it a go.

1. I know way more about social media now than I ever wanted to know.
    Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit, I am not tech savvy. Computers stuff can make me frustrated in a split second, that’s for sure. I can only thank my lucky stars that technology has progressed to the point that even tech-idiots like me can get things to work. That’s a real accomplishment! Social media is very important to authors. Gone are the days when publishers did all your marketing. It’s a do-it-yourself world now. I went to a marketing class for authors the other day and found out that in addition to my Facebook Page, Facebook Profile, Twitter, Blog, Tumblr, Amazon profile and Goodreads profile I also need to learn how to put together a newsletter to send out to my fans on a regular basis and how to do Facebook events, Blog Tours, Blog Hops and work the Rafflecopter. I’m telling you people, I look back nostalgically at the days before my first book was accepted! LOL

2. My dogs are mad at me.
    If I were not single I wonder if things would be different? At least there would be another human around to give them attention. Sadly, there is not. After a long day at work, I come home and feed them and walk them and then I turn on my laptop and get back to work. A walk every day is more than most dogs get, our walk around the park is just shy of a mile, but no. That is not enough. When we get back home and I try to focus on my writing my little Chihuahua will try jumping into my lap to distract me. When that doesn’t work she brings her ball over and throws it at my feet. My sheltie is much older. She settles for giving me disgruntled looks. I have seriously been considering going to the local Peet’s or Library to get some writing done.

3. I work for people I have never met or spoken to live.
   Oh yes! I do not lie. Submissions to publishers are now done via email and everything after that is email too. For my first one, I came home and saw the email in my inbox and automatically assumed it was a rejection. My heart pounded and I considered waiting a while before opening it but then I steeled myself and clicked on it. Better to rip the Band-Aid off, or so to speak. That is how I received my first acceptance and the two others after that. From there is has been rounds of email edits and other correspondence. Who knew?

4. I get paid via Pay Pal.
    Anyone else get paid this way? This is totally new to me. I am so used to direct deposit. Weird. That is all.
5. I now know what people are talking about when they say they do something for their job that they love so it doesn’t feel like work at all.
    Have you given people the stare of disbelief when they say this? Seriously, we are all raised to believe that life is nothing but a series of hard work and suffering (and maybe some spots of happiness in between). A job they love that doesn’t feel like work? WTF? Well I can now say I believe it! There is nothing more fun for me than to get lost in a writing session or to be plotting and planning the next story. I love story telling! I am so glad I finally found my way to my true calling in life. If I can, anyone can!

Now, on to details of Rock Star Ex which is currently available…

Social media consultant, Eve Everett, is less than thrilled when her business partner hooks them up with a job covering celebrity rock band Arsenal.  Their new lead singer, Devon Quinn, is the man who broke her heart five years ago.  But there’s no way Eve can turn down the assignment. It’s the big break their fledgling company needs. 
To boost Arsenal’s social media presence the band’s manager wants intimate coverage, especially of Devon, which means traveling with the band in their tour bus while they promote their new album.  It’s not long before Devon tries to rehash the past but Eve would rather leave it buried where it is.
When Eve is asked to be part of a music video, she decides it’s a great opportunity to reap some revenge by showing Devon what he’s missing. But soon she’s the one losing control. Will Devon once again claim her heart as well as her body?
“It’s good to see you again, Eve,” he said softly so the others wouldn’t pick up on it.  He knew she wouldn’t want to hear it.  It couldn’t be helped, but it just had to be said.
            Her head snapped up, eyes wide.
            “That’s what I wanted to say the other night, but you didn’t give me a chance.”
            Big mistake. 
            Her eyes narrowed.  “I didn’t give you a chance?  Then I’d say we’re even.”
            “Look, Eve, things didn’t happen the way you’re thinking.  It wasn’t like that.”  He set the bottom of Tommy’s guitar on the floor, his hand on the neck, and leaned closer in to talk to her.
            “The way I’m thinking?” she repeated.  Standing up straight, she stuck one foot out to the side and said in a low hiss, “Look, Devon, the facts are the facts.  You left and I never heard from you again.  Not once.  It has nothing to do with the way I’m thinking.” 
            He tensed.  It was happening again.  She was misunderstanding him.  “No, look, that’s not what I mean, okay?”
            “Oh, then what do you mean?”  She cocked her head at him and waited.
            “It’s…it was hard on the road, to keep in touch with anyone, for a lot of reasons.  You don’t know what it was like.  I mean we were bouncing around from place to place, driving for long periods of time and then having to work until really late at night.  It was pretty much impossible to communicate.  Besides, you had no answering machine back then, remember?”
            She visibly puffed up.  “I see, so it’s my fault you couldn’t communicate with me?”
            “I’m not saying it was anyone’s fault, Eve.  Just that there was no way to call.”  He felt relieved.  He had finally been able to tell her, to explain.  Maybe now she would understand.  Well, when she calmed down at least.
            “And you couldn’t write a letter?”   She spoke quietly but the words dripped acid. 
            She had him there.  Even though she was several inches shorter he suddenly felt very small.  He looked down and stuck a hand in his pocket, not knowing what to say.  That was an even more complicated topic.
            Her cold eyes were on him.  The silence stretched on for another moment.  Before he could gather any other words to try to explain she turned and headed back up front, her ponytail slapping him in the face as she went.

Where you can buy it:
Evernight Publishing
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About Jewel:
From a young age, Jewel Quinlan had an abundant imagination and strong desire to write novels.  She particularly enjoys writing paranormal and fantasy romance. An avid traveler, she has visited fifteen countries so far (which she enjoys using as settings in her novels) and has plans to see more of the world. She has a particular fondness for Bavaria and studies the German language as one of her hobbies. During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her two dogs; Shimmer and Penny.
For more information visit or you can follow her on Facebook (Author Jewel Quinlan) and Twitter (@JewelQuinlan).

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  1. I think it (b) that is the lie.
    Fun post, I liked the part of the dogs, I swear they can make you feel so guilty, they seem to have that look down to a science.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  2. I believe b is a lie. I truly enjoyed reading this book . Loved both Eve and Devon they were meant for each other. I loved when Eve tried to make Devon jealous. Look forward to your next and enjoyed learning a little about you.

  3. You caught me Amy! b is the lie. Thanks for playing :) I just send you an email so be sure to check your inbox and spam folder.

  4. You caught me Amy! Yes, b is the lie. Thanks for playing and for the awesome review. I just sent you an email so be sure to check your inbox and spam file to see if I am there somewhere :)

  5. Oh baby! Look at that cover. *purrr* Have I mentioned I like rock stars? Loved your list Jewel. I think B is the lie.


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