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Tell us a little about yourself

As Grinelda Markowitz, I endeavor to write erotica across multiple genres.  My writing is too tame to be considered porn, but there’s still sizzle in the pan.  I wouldn’t let your thirteen-year-old read it, best to let them reach eighteen first. For organizational purposes as well as personal preference,  I have more than one moniker under which I write.  Writing first interested me many years ago.  Though I’d dabbled with putting pen to paper some time, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon an outlet for my writing pursuits in the guise of ePublishing, that I began to take it seriously.
My ideas come from chance encounters, situations which arise on a day-to-day basis, and sometimes clear out of the blue in answer to “what if.”  My first completed work that I share below was written on a lark ‘cause I was feeling a bit snarky.  I enjoy seeing where an idea leads and comes to a stop.  One thing that really does it for me also is the response I get in the form of feedback from readers.  I want to know what worked for them, what didn’t; which story they really resonated with.  My WIP’s are provided below.
What book/s have you brought along to tell us about today?
The Moon-kissed Chi and A Ghostly Tale or Two.
The first book is complete and available for purchase and takes place in the city of Kalaydan on the world of Hëhrth.  The genre for the Kalaydan Chronicles is erotic sci-fi.  The Moon-kissed Chi is the first book in the series.  A good nickname for  Hëhrth is the land of chi.  As the series unfolds you’ll find the four elemental chis - red (Tze-Jinque), blue (Kalaydan), yellow (Alanoor) and brown (Omboobwae) - are found in specific communities or areas on Hëhrth.  All chi is kissed by the silvery quality of the moon.  There are also certain special characteristics found in the various chi.  I’ll leave you to discover what characteristics as you enter the land of chi.  Read more about The Moon-kissed Chi here:  http://grineldamarkowitz.wordpress.com/category/the-kalaydan-chronicles

The second book, fun to write but slow to evolve, is a collection of two ghost
stories.  They’re not the usual kind of ghost story, and I’ve not determined in which genre they fall.  In one we have a steamy (if that’s at all possible) encounter between a ghost and very much living Tara.  I have covers for the book already.  I’ve decided with this book to do a cover for Smashwords and one for Amazon.  I’ve not seen it done before, but I thought that would be a good idea.  I also include tidbits in my Smashwords edition that you won’t find in the Amazon edition.  In one story, Tara, for some reason (which I suspect to be due to paranormal elements in her ancestry), prefers a cold and clammy environment.  She prefers food prepared and served cold, a chamber temperature that hovers around 40 degrees farenheit and her lovers to be hotly passionate while maintaining a body temperature below 75.  In the other story, a woman is haunted by her deceased husband.  However, he haunts her to encourage her to move on rather than remaining in a mental and emotional state of mourning and loss which has gone on since his death eight months or more prior to his death.  You’ll find more  on A Ghostly Tale or Two here:  http://grineldamarkowitz.wordpress.com/category/a-ghostly-tale-or-two,       
Are you working on another book right now?
I have several in work, all fun, challenging, intriguing and something I feel I can put my hand to as an extension of myself.  I’ve listed the books in work below with a few comments:
The Training (The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book II)
Johnny B. Goode (First conceived in a guest post I did for Anthony Beal’s blog:  http://theofficialanthonybeal.com on 08/06/12.  In the examples I presented for consideration, the reader traipses from Pollyanna sweetness and light to grayer leanings and then to something that is obviously devoid of light.  Johnny figured in all of these as I made a stab at showing shifts in tone and hue within similar scenarios.)
Mother’s Milk [working title]  (Two lovebirds have a hot sex light and some interesting fetishes, one being for mother’s milk.  I coin the phrase man’s milk in this story.)
Ailbhe and Ciarra (Two travelers land on the home world from which their people migrated centuries ago in search of male specimens to take back to a world lacking men.  An unknown disease wiped out all of those human beings with only one X chromosome.
I Thought You Were Dead [working title]  (An operative considered dead after having gone missing for months closer to a year than not.  The first thing he thinks to do when he returns home is satisfy his need and desire for the only woman in his life.  She’s content to suspend her questions until after their reunion.)
What do you enjoy most about writing?
What do you like the least?
The opportunity to allow my creativity to run rampant is perhaps the thing I like best about writing.  What I like least are the rules beyond grammar, punctuation and spelling, which seem to be unnecessarily (in many cases) imposed on the writer.
Would you like to see any of your books as movies?
That would be an interesting experience though not a driving interest for me.  I’ve heard stories of production companies buying up the rights to a book then never making the movie.  If I sell the rights to one of my books, I expect there to be a movie produced in a reasonable period of time (under three years).
Can you name any actors you would like to see as the lead characters in your book
I noted on my Facebook timeline some of my favorite redheads in Sci-fi films and one of them is Patricia Tallman of Babylon 5 fame.  An actor would be Jim Caviezel from Person of Interest and two others would be Gary Sinise and/or Mark Harmon.  I have a few others in the back of my mind, but I think those mentioned are a good start.  I’ve not settled on an actor for Bezhyanya or Muntaën yet.
What things do you like to do to relax?
Read, watch movies, clay work, attend classical performances in dance and music as well as stage.
Do you have another job as well as writing?
Yes, I’ve recently returned to full-time work and am really regretting the lack of time to write.  Once I’m back in a routine, I’m sure the writing will flow again.  Having recently acquired a laptop, I’m sure I’ll be better able to get writing done more regularly.
If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?
Eidetic memory.  What?  That’s not a super power.  When you meet someone with a photographic memory, you’ll come to understand that it has to be a super power, especially if you don’t have it.
If money were not an object, where would you most like to live?
On water-front property, preferably a coral reef on an island somewhere with internet access and easy transport into town for shopping and the like.
What kind of car would you have if money was no object?
That’s a no-brainer for me.  I’d have said a couple years ago an older model Jaguar (pre-American production) or a rolls with a beefcake-esque driver.  But, now, it’s a Bentley.
What’s your favorite food?
Tacos.  I say that because I’ve recently experienced the best tacos ever.  Unfortunately, I broke my temporary crown in the eating of them.  But in spite of that misfortune, it would be tacos.
Favorite color?
Purple.  Yes, it’s rather cliché of me as everyone loves purple.  But there’s something mystical and magical and oh so majestic about purple.  Yeah, it sucks trying to satisfy champagne tastes on a beer budget.
Can you think of a song or piece of music that could be your theme tune?
Anyone who knows me will be ROTFLAO’g at my answer - “Born To Be Wild.” - to most people I live a boring and uneventful life; however, the action is all in my head.  Thus, I write
Just answer these questions as quickly as possible.
Chocolate or vanilla?
Dog or cat?
The film or the book?
The Book
Jeans or skirt?
Beach or Snow resort?
Heels or flats?
Stockings or tights?
Being in Texas, neither.
Top or bottom?
What do you love best about yourself?
My ability to learn and teach myself new things.  I don’t do being spoon-fed.
What do you like least?
I’m too quick to evaluate someone when I meet them.  I mean, I can get a feel from them in only a couple minutes conversation or other interaction.  It deprives me, many times, of the pleasure of getting to know someone the old-fashioned way.
Is there a question you would like to have been asked?
What character would you like to be?  From one of my books, or a favorite book or movie? Anna in the tv series, Downton Abbey.  I love the show and she’s my favorite of the lot.
Do you have anything to share with other authors that might be a help?
Learn all you can about the craft and allow your writing style to evolve.  Learn the rules then allow your style to dictate when to ignore them.
Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?
I welcome feedback on my writing.  Since most individuals are incapable of viewing something from multiple perspectives, the feedback from one’s readership allows the writer to see their work in a multi-faceted way.  I say this knowing that feedback should be taken with a grain of salt.
Can you share one of your favorite parts of one of the books?
This nibble comes from “The Training,” the next book in the Kalaydan Chronicles series.  It occurs just after Gayadnae celebrates the end of her training.  Book One is just as tasty as this snippet from book two.:

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” Muntaën asked as he strolled along beside Gayadnae.
“Yes, it is.  For many reasons actually,” she replied.
“Aren’t the stars and moons enough reason to appreciate so sublime an evening.  What more is there?”
“You, by my side as Kallish.”
“Ah.  That.  I’ve been your Kallish since first I laid eyes on you seven suncycles ago.  I just had to make you believe it,” he chuckled.
“Was it that long ago?”
“My cousin Grayt let me see that much early on.”
“Do you want to know what else?”
“Okay, what else?”  He drew her closer by the arm and wrapped his arm around her waist.
“No more red robes.”  She shifted the red cloth slung over her shoulder to a place over her arm.
“I like you in red robes.  Would you put it on again just for me, please?”
“That’s a big request to ask.  What do I get in return?”
“But, Gaya, I’m your Kallish and soon to be your Bed-sworn.  How could you possibly make me pay for something from you that would give me pleasure?”
“Nothing comes cheaply.  Nothing of value, that is.”
“If you put it on, I can show you.  Please,” he wheedled and made a face like Kalaydan children do when they’re hoping for sweets.
“Okay.  If it’s not adequate payment, I’m taking back my offer.”
“Well, technically, you’ve not made an offer, but okay.”
Stepping aside somewhat, she slipped the robe over her head and let it slide over her body.  It shimmered in the moonlight.  Her arms filled out the sleeves shortly after
“Everything my love,” his eye color gradually darkened.
She wrapped the head covering around her face then reached into the pouch hanging from her belt.  Pulling out a string of Kalaydan blue stones, she fixed it in place around her head.
“That’s better,” he said as he gripped her by the shoulders and turned her around slowly.  “I’ve had this view of you only once before. I’m sure you remember.”
“Yes.  I do.  And I remember the kiss that came after.  At least I think I do.  My memory seems to be failing me on the details.”  Her eyes smoldered with a sensual smile.
He brought her closer then slowly released the fabric covering her face with two fingers of one hand.  He pulled her closer to himself as he gripped her bottom tightly.  With the other hand, he cradled the back of her head as he leaned into her face and slowly brought his lips closer to hers.  He demanded the touch of her lips against his.  She complied without reservation.
“Ah, your memory is becoming clearer, I see,” he pinched her chin between his fingers as he whispered just loud enough for her to hear.  “Have you had a craving for fish lately?”
“Uh, no.  I swore it off many mooncycles ago,” she chuckled.  “Your mouth is still just as sweet and spicy as I remember,” she said, accepting another kiss from him.
His dark eyes swirled with silver and golden yellow as he looked into hers.  She reached up to help him with the headdress and he shook his head slightly.  With deliberation he nuzzled into her ear and neck.  His tongue tasted while his nostrils sampled.  He sighed quietly.  His fingers released the fabric of the covering and allowed it to fall behind her shoulders.  It remained attached by the jeweled headband.  He picked her up and left the path on which they’d been walking.
“Where are we going?” Her was voice husky with arousal.
“Someplace we can be together and alone for a while.”
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FAN Page for The Kalaydan Chronicles: https://www.facebook.com/thekalaydanchroniclesgmarkowitz
Ask Dave Grinelda Markowitz:  http://askdavid.com/books/1284
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