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What do I like in a hero?
Apart from strong? Romantic (closet or not)? Hot? Relatable? Decisive? A sense of Humor?
Well all of those. But most of all believable.
What makes a hero believable? I could say all of the above, but that's a given for me. (You might think differently, and that's fine, it's good we don't all think alike.)
I guess I go for dark hair, long hair, dark eyes and not too body builder-y type heroes. Are all my heroes like that? Well I do try not to make them, but ohh my it's hard. They wink and I write.
I notice there has to be a bit of my own special hero in everything I write. Stubbornness, a sense of humor(even though a lot of people don't get it or see it), and a romantic (albeit well hidden). I don't write in his bald head, but I do at time use a mental picture of him in his twenties. Tall with long dark curly hair, dark eyes and a perfect ass. That's about as far as it goes though. I'll give you the basics you fill in the rest. Then my hero is your hero.
Tay my hero in The Girl on the Bus, is all of the above. And a Dom. One who is about to change a lot of his life, and perhaps bring back what's been missing.

Here's the blurb…

Julia ran out on Tay five years ago, so she cannot be the face he sees on the bus. However, when she ends up being the one taking notes at his meeting, he knows he will move heaven and earth to make her his once more.
Will she agree, or will she run again?

And a wee tease. (We'll keep with the Scottish wordage)

"She's Silver, and she's my sub. Aren’t you, pet?"
Tay put his hand onto Julia's shoulder as she went grey and swayed. He'd heard the interaction between her and her Belle and sighed. Belle did her best, but he'd known it wasn't going to be easy.
When he noticed them both come in, he'd almost done the clich├ęd rub the eyes thing, or pinched himself. He should have realized she hadn't come of her own accord. Tay had a friend in the know, a valued and respected Master who promised that if a sub called Silver, or anyone with her coloring popped up, he'd have known about it. Tay doubted whether his friend would ever have passed her whereabouts on to him. That would break client confidentiality. However at least he'd have something to go on.
To Tay's initial horror, Julia shuddered under his touch, but Tay was experienced enough to know after the first split second it wasn't with revulsion. He tightened his grip, just a little bit, and Julia moaned.
"Silver?" He prompted her, and the glowering look she sent him made him chuckle. "Bratty sub, pet. So not on. Now I suggest we let your friend go in and get a seat, and we talk."
"I suggest not."
Yes, bratty all right. He flicked his head in the universal get lost motion to Belle, who nodded and followed Linsey toward a door at the back of the hall. He bent his head to Julia's ear, and felt her soft breath feather over his skin as he moved toward her. She smelled of citrus and spring.
"You and I need to talk, pet. We owe each other that. Now do you come inside and watch my demo and give me your word you won't run, or do I get someone to guard dog you?"
Tay wasn't fanciful, but it seemed even the air waited for her answer. He was under no illusions he could hold her if she wanted to go, but he hoped she'd stay. Just as he decided to give up, Julia gave a shuddering sigh and nodded.
"Yes, Sir." Ye bloody ha. Sir no less. He was careful not to let his exultation show. "Then come with me." He didn't wait to see if she followed, but turned and walked toward the doorway Belle and Linsey went through.
Just before they disappeared, he did turn, and his heart—and his cock—swelled as Julia followed with her head bent, and then stopped in front of him.
"Sir?" Her voice hitched and her shoulders heaved.
"Yes, pet?" Tay lifted her chin up, and his heart missed a beat as he saw the shimmer of sadness in her eyes. "Why the tears?"
Julia swiped at her face and he took hold of both her hands.
"Tell me, pet." She didn't resist his hold, moving toward him before she straightened and looked him in the eyes. "I missed you. All this time, I wondered what if. My reactions to what we did scared me senseless so I left. I was a coward, and I still am."
That was being open and honest with a vengeance.
He held both her hands in one of his and massaged her shoulders with the other. The knots he felt would need a sports masseur to dislodge them. Or a good spanking session.
"Do I call you Silver or Julia?" He kept his voice soft and level, as if he soothed a puppy—or a new and nervous sub. Not very dominant or commanding, but she trembled like a sapling in a strong wind, and Tay reckoned she was ready to run—or faint. In truth he had no idea what she'd experienced other than with him. Nothing I hope. The fierceness of that thought startled him.
"Well, pet?"
Julia moved a step back and he let her, although he didn't take his gaze off her face. She'd regained her color now, and ran her tongue around her lips before her throat rippled as she swallowed deeply.
"Silver, please, Sir. Except—" She bit her lip.
'That deserves a spanking," Tay said and watched a fresh rush of color flood her body. "No marking except by me. So you were saying?"
"Yes, Sir, please call me Silver, and I'm ready to go inside. And except, what are you demonstrating?"
"Guess." Tay took her hand and tugged. She tripped toward him and hit his chest with a thud. Her nipples puckered at the contact and stood out against her thin top. As ever his cock responded to her closeness. Tay could only be thankful his zipper appeared sturdy.
Silver's hands snaked around his neck. In spite of himself, Tay's lips twitched. Bratty sub indeed. Would he get the chance to make her his bratty sub once more?
"Sir? Are you demonstrating wax play?"
"Sub, are you showing me proper respect?"
Her hands fell like stones, and to his delight, and amazement, she dropped to her knees and assumed the position. There in the hallway where anyone could see.
"Sorry, Sir. But are you?"
Okay, still a bratty sub.
"Why? Are you volunteering to be my sub for the demonstration?"
"Yes, Sir."

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