Welcome to guest paranormal romance author Tessa Stokes with a cover reveal and story for her next release

Hi Elodie,

 Thank you for inviting me to the blog to talk about the covers for The Ruthins and reveal the cover for the third and concluding story, The Ruthin Pact.

The story of the book covers for The Ruthins

I have to thank author and graphic artist Elodie Parkes for her work on the new book covers for The Ruthins.

There's a story to the covers.

For book one, I asked Elodie to show Drew Ruthin in the old part of the English town where he has his cafe. To show him at night and with the aura of mystery.

When Bliss takes a holiday from a job she's grown to hate, she dreams she'll meet the love of her life. After twenty years apart, two vampires find they want the same girl, until one of them realizes that through her he can recover his long lost love, Elise. Meet the Ruthins, in this first part of the trilogy. Adventure, magic, love, kidnap, murder...a vampire romance with a difference.

Drew Ruthin features on each cover.

The color schemes reflect his actions and the mood of the story surrounding him. Drew is the pivotal character in the first two books, although the story of Devon, Bliss and the community of ancient magical beings is naturally woven through.

The cover for Blood of Changes, book two, has a different aura and, Elodie the graphic artist, has shown the changes in Drew's character and life through the color. Drew is the central character in this book, he makes a huge personal journey and his actions impact on the community of ancient beings, although it's still night the light is breaking, and Drew is closer to the reader.

Left for dead by his only love, Drew is helped by his old vampire friend, Greta. He's lost his memory and as he tries to go back to his old life, he begins to change. As the days go by events spiral out of control and all he can think about is finding the woman who left him for dead.
Suspense, fun, romance, a vampire hunt, and a love story.

Book three of The Ruthins, The Ruthin Pact

On this book cover the artist shows how, although Drew's impact on the community and other characters has almost passed, he is there in the background and his life is still of interest to the mage Balthazar. The view of the town is mellow and we can just discern others, shadowy and mysterious as are the things that happen to them. 

As Drew and Elise hide out from the ancient magical beings and in particular the ancient mage warrior, Balthazar Crane, who is determined to eradicate Drew, strange things are happening in the community Elise has left behind.

Devon has begged the mage princess, Tara, to help him keep Bliss with him forever. He loves Bliss and can't live without her. What secrets are uncovered for Bliss as she takes the potions meant to give her longevity? She's always wondered about her name and now we find out just why she was given that name by her mom.

Seth and Balthazar, despite their bond as mage warriors suddenly disagree.

Against a backdrop of everyday life in a picturesque English country town, wonderful events play out.

The Ruthin Pact, the final story in The Ruthins, is paranormal romance with a sparkle of magic, erotic and for 18+ only


 The Ruthin Pact: Read an excerpt

Bliss felt different. She could see and hear better than ever. Her sense of smell was almost debilitating. Some odors sickened her from afar they were so strong. She considered her heightened senses.

She hadn’t told Devon any of this. Right then as she began to walk down the path toward the woods at the end of their garden, she leapt over a big patch of mud. It had rained heavily in the night and the whole area was still drenched. Huge muddy puddles littered the field and path to the woods.

Bliss leapt, and to her amazement found herself at least ten feet away from the perimeter of the mud patch. She landed softly and almost in slow motion turned to see where she’d begun the leap. Her eyes widened as she realized just how far she’d traveled in that single leap, and without much effort too, she told herself.

She looked around to check if anyone might have seen her. There was no one around. Bliss sighed wondering what else she could now do that was previously not within her abilities. She’d been taking the drink prepared for her by Tara and Balthazar for only six days. That was only two doses.

Two days ago, the changes became apparent to her. Prior to that, she’d been her normal self. The changes were sudden and unwelcome because she didn’t know what might happen next. If two doses could do this then what would happen to her as she took the whole course? She continued walking toward the woods intending to walk all the way through them. She’d discovered it was a short cut to Ffion’s place.

Bliss was going to discuss the latest happenings regarding Elise and Drew with Ffion.

It had been a fraught few days.


The day after Drew and Elise secretly made their getaway to the coast, Seth, Balthazar, and Devon went to Drew’s house. They had the plan to immobilize Drew, grab back Elise, and then suspend Drew’s life force. Devon was relieved when no one was there. Thankfully, Maryanne had left only twenty minutes earlier. The place was clean as a whistle, especially the small, French desk drawer in the front drawing room, where there had been quite a wad of money. He’d picked up her note left on the desk, quickly crumpling it into his pocket so that no one else saw it.

They’d hung around for ten minutes, each of which set Devon’s teeth on edge as he anticipated the arrival of one of Drew’s vampire friends. He finally persuaded Balthazar that it was a futile errand. Clearly, their quarry was gone.

Seth who really wished it was all over, and he could go home to Ffion, agreed.

Balthazar sighed and expressed his disappointment at the entire business. On the way home he told Seth and Devon that he felt responsible for Elise being captured, and couldn’t forgive himself for not exterminating Drew years ago.

For some reason the word, exterminate hurt Devon. He sighed and looked out of the window of Seth’s car as they sped along.

To say Seth drove fast was an understatement. He drove like the wind, and would have liked to go faster, but knew it was not acceptable. His lovely ocean-green eyes held an expression of concern for everything that was happening, and although he didn’t know the truth, Ffion had told him she thought Elise might have chosen to go with Drew. It started Seth thinking, and he intended to ask Ffion some questions later that day. He only half listened to Balthazar because in his opinion what was the point in regrets.

They dropped Balthazar off at Tara’s place to report back to her. Then Seth dropped Devon home.


The next thing any of them knew about the situation, was that Balthazar had gone back alone to the town with the intention of collecting what he called ‘intelligence’ by snooping in the vampire, Greta’s restaurant.


The book releases October 31.

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