Advance preview of Thursday's release from Evernight Publishing today for My Sexy Saturday: A Little Mysterious

“Let’s sit for a while. You can tell me about yourself.”

He watched as she placed her bag down on the pebble path, then sit down on the park bench. He sat close and breathed her in. She turned to him. There was hunger in her eyes. He knew that look. She desired him. It was strong and matched his hunger. He sighed. She was so pretty and he wanted to fuck her right then. Take her on the pebble path.

He let himself think about stripping her naked and licking her all over. He imagined stroking her stomach and then her clit. She would be wet for him, and his fingers would slide into her creamy pussy. She would moan and writhe under him, coming over and over, as he fucked her all night.

I need to feed, but not from her. I need her in a different way. I need to fuck her so hard I can’t think any more.


His voice was low and deliberately soothing. He took her hand, watching her face, waiting to see the look in her eyes that meant she was afraid of his cold touch. It didn’t come. As he took her hand, and traced his fingertips around the palm of her hand and over her fingers, she closed her eyes in pleasure, leaning toward him. Dhruv bent his head and kissed her. His cock stirred and the sensation was addictive. He wanted an erection. That feeling of his cock filling out and growing hard was tantalizing.

He slid his tongue along Daisy’s lips and she opened her mouth for him. The tip of her tongue met his and they both groaned slightly. Dhruv felt his cock straining now against his jeans. He held Daisy’s face, kissing her, allowing himself to linger, soak up her scent, taste her, and kiss her until his cock leaked.

She was holding him and murmured against his lips when he allowed her to breathe.

“That feels so good. Your hands are so cool.”

“I’d like to do more than kiss you,” he told her, and caressed her neck.

She nodded. “Me too.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013
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  1. All night hum? Gotta love a man with that kind of confidence.


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