An erotic vampire romance today on the blog, from The Ruthins series, the final book The Ruthin Pact

The erotic conclusion to The Ruthins, The Ruthin Pact

As Drew and Elise hide out from the ancient magical beings and in particular the ancient mage warrior, Balthazar Crane, who is determined to eradicate Drew, strange things are happening in the community Elise has left behind.

Devon has begged the mage princess, Tara, to help him keep Bliss with him forever. He loves Bliss and can't live without her. What secrets are uncovered for Bliss as she takes the potions meant to give her longevity? She's always wondered about her name and now we find out just why she was given that name by her mom.
Seth and Balthazar despite their bond as mage warriors suddenly disagree.

Against a backdrop of everyday life in a picturesque English country town, wonderful events play out.
The Ruthin Pact, the final story in The Ruthins, is paranormal romance with a sparkle of magic, erotic and for 18+ only

He watched her. It felt as if someone had torn his heart out and it lay beating before him. Devon couldn’t let this happen. He ran after Bliss and scooped her up in his arms. It was the first time he’d used his remaining vampire compulsion abilities in a long time. He needed them now to keep his beloved from leaving in some ridiculous gesture of keeping him safe.
Devon whispered to her as he leapt the high estate wall. “I can’t lose you. It will kill me. I love you. How do you think breaking my heart will keep me safe? I love you...”
They landed in the buttercups beyond the wall. Devon crushed her to his chest in a hug, his arms cradling her as he heard her crying. He put her at arm’s length. “Tell me you don’t love me, and I’ll let you go.”
He looked into her eyes and knew she still loved him, but he had to hear it.
He put his hands into her hair and held her head. His kiss was hard and demanding. He kissed her with all the fear of losing her. He took them to the ground and kissed her until even he was breathless.
Devon moved his face a little away from her and saw the tears still streaming from her eyes. They ran down her temples and into her hair. He began to kiss them away between phrases. “I don’t care about anything but you...don’t you know that...we’ll go to Elise and Drew...they know what to do. Be calm now darling. Everything will be okay.” He was trying to compel her.
Devon felt her arms go around his neck. She held him tight.
“I do love you...I don’t want to lose you...”
She was kissing him now all over his face. It felt like heaven to hear her tell him she loved him. His fear receded and all he could think about was making love to her. He kissed along her shoulder where the strap of her dress had fallen. He was gentle as he reached down her hip to pull the dress up around her waist, but Bliss dragged it up and began to unzip his jeans hurriedly, kissing him hungrily now.
She pulled at his hips opening her legs to have him lie between them as she found his erection. Devon groaned as her fingers curled around his cock. Shivers of need flowed through him and he knew they needed this, to make love hard and fast. To bring the incredible bond they had back into their bodies with the sensation of sex, driven by love and need.
He pushed into her, feeling her wet tight pussy around his cock.
She met his thrusts, clinging to him.
He wanted to kiss her as he pounded into her, but she was kissing his neck. Then she was biting his neck and he knew she was taking his blood. It sent the most delicious tingles down his body and he lifted her against him to feel her breasts press on his chest. She stopped suddenly and found his mouth to kiss him. They had slowed their lovemaking and now in a haze of sex they drove each other with long slow strokes toward orgasm.
He thought that making love with Bliss couldn’t get any more explosive, delicious, addictive, but he was wrong. As they both came together, he felt as if he was melting into mist and floating away. The orgasm tore through him and then re-started to make him groan and shake with the sensation. He could hear Bliss whisper, “I’m sorry Devon, I do love you so much.”
They became still. Devon waited for her to bite into him again. She didn’t. She kissed where she’d bitten and drunk from him. She snuggled against him.

Copyright Tessa Stokes 2013
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When Bliss takes a holiday from a job she's grown to hate, she dreams she'll meet the love of her life. After twenty years apart, two vampires find they want the same girl, until one of them realizes that through her he can recover his long lost love, Elise. Meet the Ruthins, in this first part of the trilogy. Adventure, magic, love, kidnap, murder...a vampire romance with a difference.
Left for dead by his only love, Drew is helped by his old vampire friend, Greta. He's lost his memory and as he tries to go back to his old life, he begins to change. As the days go by events spiral out of control and all he can think about is finding the woman who left him for dead.
Suspense, fun, romance, a vampire hunt, and a love story.



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