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August went through the swing doors into the big office complex and straight up to his department. He sat down, looked through his emails, dealt with the urgent ones, and then texted Millie.

‘Early coffee? Meet you in the kitchen?’

August held onto his phone as he looked through the presentation for the new advertising campaign he was handling. When it vibrated, he looked at the screen. Millie would meet him. He couldn’t stop smiling as he took the stairs two at a time down to the staff kitchen.

He made two cups of coffee but waited to find out if she wanted cream and sugar. When she walked in, he thought his heart was going to stop.

She smiled at him and came close.

“I made you coffee, Millie.”

He took her hand, and then after looking around, brought it to his lips, and kissed her fingertips. 

Millie gasped at the electricity in his touch.

She moved closer, and August edged his knee and thigh against her until they were touching down one side. Millie was facing the doorway and August was facing her.

“Flowers were delivered only five minutes ago. I don’t know if it was Peter trying to make up for being a pig last night, or you, August, being a darling.”

August looked into her eyes with his deep blue ones.

“Who would you prefer they came from?”

Millie smiled. “You, August, no one is around, kiss me, please.”

August kissed her and felt as if he wouldn’t be able to stop. A door banged closed somewhere down the corridor, and he stepped back from her. He looked at her face and saw her expression of longing.

“You use your own name for work, don’t you, Millie? What’s your married name? Whoever sent the flowers must know it and I don’t” August asked softly. He was relying on Millie not realizing there’d been no surname on the gift card. It didn’t work. 

“Pederson, my husband is called Peter Pederson. The card was just addressed to Millie so it could still have been you, August.” Millie smiled at him and sighed thinking he was so sexy and so sweet. Why didn’t I notice that in his interview? Then she recalled the cattle market the recruitment process finally became. The wearying amount of presentations they saw. Perhaps she allowed this lovely man to merge in with the others. Perhaps only the notes on her forms relayed his skills and she’d forgotten his face.

August repeated, “Peter Pederson mmm?” His voice was low and he said it with a question in his tone.

Millie grinned at that, later when she knew him better she’d tell him why she stopped using her husband’s surname.
 It never occurred to Millie that August’s sharp brain worked it out the second after she told him her husband’s name.

August stood in front of Millie. He leaned over to her lips and gently kissed her. He moved his hands along her hips and down to reach her thighs. He sighed as he moved his hand along. He caressed her at the junction of her thighs with care and kissed her again, and then he drew back just as quickly. 

Millie gasped with pleasure. “August, you actually make me feel weak.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013
To celebrate the 24th week of My Sexy Saturday, I will send a kindle copy of 'Millie Reinvented' to the reader who comments on the blog with the correct answer first, to tell me what it is about Millie's husband's name that means she only ever uses her own surname.
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