Today a special treat as Eileen Griffin and Nikka Michaels bring Matt and Chase from 'Chasing Matt' to the blog for an interview

Eileen:  How did you know that Matt was someone you were willing to take a chance on?

Chase *turns beet red* Usually when I meet people they say hello then immediately move onto someone more interesting because I tend to be on the shy and quiet side. With Matt it was different. Well, obviously he treated me as a patient, at the ER, but still, he actually talked to me as a person that was worth talking to and looked past the geeky glasses.

*slight interruption from Matt*  Chase, for the thousandth time. The glasses are so far beyond geeky, it’s not even funny. And you in them? Dude, they, and you in them, are hot.

 Nikka:  What was it about Chase that made you stop after your shift was over and ask if he needed help in the ER’s lobby?

Matt: He just looked so alone and I didn’t think that anyone should feel alone in the world. Especially after such a stressful night like the one he’d just had. Plus, he was really hot in his borrowed scrubs.

 Nikka:  What do you think of Matt’s truck?

Chase: *looks over at Matt and turns an even deeper shade of red* I happen to love Matt’s truck. I also happen to love what Matt can do in his truck.  *Matt smirks*

Eileen:  What are your honest impressions/feelings about Chase’s ex-boyfriend, Stephen?

Matt: Without question? He’s a total dick. And not in the good way. Luckily he leaves Chase alone now and has moved on.

 Nikka:  Has Mr. Hodges asked for your help with any more DIY projects?

Chase: He has, but I bought him a new step ladder. I don’t want to end up in the ER again anytime soon.

*interruption from Matt* Um, I might have given Mr. Hodges my cell number. Just in case he needed any more projects done. As happy as I was to meet Chase in the ER, I don’t want him back there anytime soon either.

 Eileen:  Caro seems a little wild. Can you tell the readers a little bit more about her?

Matt: Caro is...well. Caro. She’s very loud and opinionated and totally obnoxious. But she’s also a very loyal and caring friend. Even though she went a little overboard trying to get Chase and me together she meant well.

Nikka:  What are your plans for the future?

Chase: My plans are expanding my home based business, trying more things with Matt and hopefully getting out there a little more. Well, one step at a time.

 Eileen:  What are your plans for the future?

Matt: Getting out more when I have time and am off work and hanging out more with Chase. He’s very much into his Rec Sports soccer league, so I’ve decided to give that a try. *coughs* I also like to be on hand in case any “accidents” happen while he’s playing.

*interruption from Chase* What kind of accidents? I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

*smirk from Matt* But I like being the one who takes care of you.

 Eileen: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Chase:  *turns crimson red and avoids all eye contact with everyone in the room* Um… Is that really one of the interview questions?

 Nikka: What’s your favorite sexual position?

Matt:  *smirks wider* Yes Chase. It’s really one of the interview questions. My favorite position is  any position that involves Chase, so do I really have to pick just one?

Nikka: What’s your favorite thing about Matt?

Chase:  *smiles over at Matt* I love his sense of humor. If I’ve had a long or bad day, he never fails to have me smiling or laughing within minutes of just being near him.

Eileen: What’s your favorite thing about Chase?

Matt:  *smiles over at Chase* I love his loyalty and passion for life and the people in his life. He loves with all of his heart. It’s hard to find that in someone these days. I just feel lucky that I was on duty the night he walked into the ER.

Chase Williams is a gorgeous but painfully shy web designer whose long term boyfriend dumped him for being such a “nice” guy. Instead of meeting his buddies at the local bar for a drink he helps his elderly neighbor with a DIY project. When a wobbly step ladder leads to a banged up wrist and a trip to the ER Chase is convinced it’s the worst night ever. Then he meets his handsome nurse.

Matt Owens is the boy next door who loves working in the busy ER. He’s more than ready to clock out from his double shift until he meets his patient in Bed 4. Matt’s bedside manner is charming enough to make Chase consider throwing caution to the wind and going after what he wants for a change. But will Matt’s attraction to Chase be enough to make him to break his rule about never dating patients?

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