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A Man Finally Giving in to his Desires for Another Man

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about how one of my characters from Hollywood Bound is struggling to not give in to his feelings for his best friend, a man. Hollywood Bound is the first of four books in the Gin & Jazz series that begins in America in 1924. It is the journey of Jack, an innocent young man who begins his adulthood in New York after leaving an orphanage. He goes through so much to arrive at his happily-ever-after – from poverty to love to loss to fame – he experiences it all in his quest for true love.

At the beginning of it all, Jack is taken under the wing of Nick, a slightly older, more streetwise man. Nick is a man’s man, and is engaged to a gal back in Philly. He’s also taken care of Jack ever since the lost and lonely looking kid first arrived in the big city. They’re united by their shared plight, and growing friendship. Their love of silent films has also inspired them to head out west, to Hollywood, where they hear that dreams can come true.

However, there are things that have been bothering Nick about his relationship with Jack. He knows Jack looks at him different now, like a lover. But Nick is engaged, and has never thought about being with a man. In his mind, and from the way he’s been raised, it just ain’t right. Even if he gave in to his feelings, trying to be with a man as a couple in the 1920’s seems impossible. But why can’t he stop thinking about Jack in that way? Once they hop a train headed to California, they are alone. And Nick is free to give into his desires. Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz 1) was just released, and until the end of day November 14th, is available at Amazon and Totally Bound for only 99 cents.

Jack and Nick seek fortune and adventure in the silent film era of Hollywood. But their newly-expressed love is threatened by the heady allure of fame, gin and easy money.

“Are you okay Nick?”
Jack’s soft, sweet voice brought him back to the present. The peace that had been in his the dream the other night had returned. Except this time it was for real. He hugged Jack tightly, and kissed his temple.
“I’m real good kid. Real good.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t call me kid no more. I’m your man…aren’t I?”
Nick smiled. It was a given that things would be different now, but he felt a little nostalgia about his pet name for Jack. But he was right. Jack was getting older, and he couldn’t treat him like a greenhorn forever.
“You’re my man, Jacky boy, and don’t you forget it.” He squeezed him hard on the last couple of words. “I can still call you Jacky boy though, right?”
“Sure Nick. I don’t mind that.”
They lay still for a while. Jack cleared his throat, then spoke up tentatively.
“If I’m your man, I’d like to make you feel good too. I know how to do what you just did to me.”
Nick tensed a little. He was still hard, and he still wanted to come off. But for some odd reason, letting Jack pleasure him made it official. That they were a couple. They were in a mutually satisfying relationship. How would that ever work in the real world? Jack had told him about the pansy clubs back in New York, but that had been before Nick had been willing to admit that he was…what was the term one of the musicians had used once?
Gay. He asked if Jack was gay.
Nick had needed an explanation, because he’d had no idea what the man meant. Apparently it was a word that was beginning to be popular amongst men like him and Jack. It was certainly a lot better than being called a sissy or a fag. It sounded a lot nicer. But would they be able to live openly as a gay couple in Hollywood, and not get arrested or beaten? He’d heard things were a lot looser there. But one never knew what was fact, and what was rumour.
“If you don’t want me to, Nick, I’ll understand.”
Nick squeezed him hard again.
“I’d like it, Jack, I really would.”
Nick let go of Jack, mourning the loss of their closeness immediately, but he was quickly distracted by Jack’s mouth on his dick. It was complete rapture. The moist heat of Jack’s mouth, and the way he hungrily suckled Nick left him feeling perfect and whole. There was also a possessiveness that had been bubbling under the surface, but it really took root now. He thrust into Jack’s mouth in an upward motion, coupling with him, grabbing fistfuls of Jack’s wispy hair as he moaned loudly. Jack responded by opening up his throat and taking Nick even deeper in. He could feel Jack using one of his hands to caress Nick’s balls, adding to the already amazing sensations. But he wasn’t prepared for the next thrill. Jack alternately teased his balls, and grasped the base of his cock, moving his fist up and down in time with his sucking.
Jack moved his hand behind Nick’s balls, using his wet fingers to search between Nick’s ass cheeks. Nick was uncertain if he should say something, or try and stop Jack, but he was too excited. He could feel one of Jack’s digits nudging at his asshole, and he clenched up.
This is unnatural.
At that moment, Jack pulled almost all the way off of Nick’s shaft, and flicked his tongue rapidly on the tip of his penis. Nick relaxed, and all of his attention focused on that small part of his body. There was a sudden pop of something into his anus. Jack swallowed him all the way in again, and finger-fucked Nick’s hole. It was too much. For a few seconds, he had considered yanking himself away from Jack, thinking that things had gone too far. But now Jack massaged a spot inside him that sent shivers to the tip of his dick, all whilst he continued to eat and tongue him relentlessly.
He knew what he wanted. He wanted Jack inside of him, and he wanted to pound his dick into Jack. There was a sense of freedom at this realisation, and as Jack took him to new heights of pleasure, he exploded into a million pieces. He couldn’t believe the amount of jizz that came out of him. He pulled hard on Jack’s hair—his cries too loud—and he rammed himself into Jack’s face.
God, this feels so fuckin’ good.
There wasn’t the slightest chance he’d ever consider trying to live a straight life again. Not after this. Jack was his everything now. He only wanted to do whatever it took to make and keep him happy.
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