Welcome to guest author Ada McEwan who brings her new release erotic romance, 'Confessions of a Small Town Librarian' to the blog today

Hi Elodie, 

I live in the Midwest with my Nordic soulmate, musician and husband, Red. Fate threw us together and who are we to argue with that? We have been happily married for over a decade now. Pretty good for two people who literally got married a couple weeks after we met. I have an amazing son who is 19 and following in key with music and planning on going into musical production.  My 17 year old daughter is a cover model and you may find her on a book cover or two and posters plastered around. I am a small town librarian. I have my own candle making business, Raven Hollow Candles. I believe in keeping your home and the air you breathe in safe with all natural soy products.. I truly enjoy making candles and writing. In my spare time I advocate and network for several rescues.
You can find me here, I enjoy interacting with my fans and acquaintances.

“Confessions” was a series that was born when I set down to work on a work in progress I dub Raven Hollow. My muse wouldn’t have any of it. Before I knew it, I had ten pages of hot, hot, hot sex and about a thousand different plot lines that made me come to a  final decision that this would be a series.
I wrote it in first person narrative so I could place the reader right into the character Anna. Anna is a small town librarian, newly single and most women can relate to her. She needed to meet the hunky main character, Ben. Together they become this almost all encompassing, almost tantric couple. Their reactions with each other open up their sensuality and lust and desire for one another and they act on it. It is almost spiritual for Anna, who has never had a man be this way with her.
Ben is one of those guys (and we all have had our own versions of ‘Ben’) who has a smile that could melt Anna and any other women into a puddle. They just can’t help that they act on their animal attraction for each other and I have no plans to change that dynamic anytime soon. Who would want to change that? Not me!
Yes, this is fiction, but I think every writer uses real life experience to influence them in some way or another. As for ‘Ben’, yes, there is one of them out there for me.  He knows who he is…


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