A Christmas to Remember anthology release with Erzabet Bishop

A Christmas to Remember Anthology

From the obligatory office party to a cabin in the woods, Christmas celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. The ladies in this Christmas anthology like to keep it original though, and get their festive groove on in bed shops and the Australian outback, not to mention the ‘Mermaids and Mistletoe Masquerade Ball’… A Christmas to Remember contains five lesbian erotica stories that will make your Christmas merry AND hot.

Erzabet Bishop is here with an excerpt from her story in the anthology 

“I don’t know.” Rachel eyed the dress critically as Bree and Lise looked on. Last night at dinner the two of them hounded her mercilessly about coming down to the dress shop to find something for the masquerade. They had squeezed her into six different dresses already and Rachel was ready to bolt. This one was a bright yellow number with sequins. “It kind of looks like a demented canary.”

Lise snorted. “It does not.”

Bree snickered behind her hand and promptly schooled her face into her usual cultured self. “It is a little bright.”

“Umm. Yes. Just a little.” Rachel grimaced and sighed. This was taking forever when what she really wanted to do was go back to her room and read. She glanced at her watch and grimaced. Just after two o’clock.

The store was deserted except for the three of them and she had yet to see anyone working the floor. That was fine with her. Rack after rack of sparkling holiday dresses and lush satin gowns surrounded the mirrored area with a small screened area for privacy. Holiday music lightly piped through the air, adding a festive note to the afternoon. 

“Come on Rach. We want to head over to see one of the late afternoon shows.” Lise pouted. Her arm was wrapped around Bree’s waist. “If you hurry, you can see the first one with us.”

Rachel fingered the zipper, itching to free herself from the dresses confines. Smoothing her expression, she met Lise and Bree’s eyes in the mirror. “Why don’t you guys go ahead. You need some alone time and I want to poke around here for a bit. I have to find a mask.” And I need to lose this yellow monstrosity. Now.

Bree smiled. “The Mascherari and dress shop is one of the things that draws people to this cruise. The masks are exquisite.”

“I think you might be onto something there Bree. Just not in this color I hope.” Rachel’s lips curved upward. “Why don’t you girls go ahead. I’ll just look around here some more and join you later.”

“Okay then. You have fun and we’ll see you after the show.” Lise grinned and tugged Bree along behind her.

Bree stopped mid pull and frowned. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now scoot. You don’t need me hanging off you like a third wheel all the time.”

Bree nodded. “Okay. Good luck then.” She let Lise lead her out of the shop.

Rachel watched them go and breathed a sigh of relief. Now to get out of the dress. She was still in the main changing area, open to the store, but since it was empty she wasn’t worried. Rachel reached for the zipper and her arm froze, the tight fitting fabric holding her in place. Oh no. Belatedly, she realized that the girls had gotten her into the dress and now she was stuck. Shit.
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