Jasper from hot off the press 'Forever Blue' features on the My Sexy Saturday post today

Only just released December 20 an erotic romance.
A simply gorgeous love story
Something happened to Jasper. He might not be the man he used to be, but he's still got the instinct.
Here he's sneaked into Claudie's place.

Seven sexy sentences for the last My Sexy Saturday of 2013

The thought of his tongue tracing up to the place where he could push his fingers into her, sent a pulse of desire through him. He imagined his tongue on her clit. It made him reckless. He stayed there by the door as she slid the shower screen along and reached for her towel. He knew from watching before, she’d walk to her bedroom dressed in that towel as soon as she’d dried off. He watched, longing to touch her, longing to kiss down her stomach.

She was headed toward the door and he swirled down the stairs, whooshed through the conservatory, and came to a stop. She wouldn’t come down here again that night and the lure of being there in her house was so strong, Jasper was weakened by it.
Copyright Elodie Parkes
from Forever Blue DEC. 2013

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