A book hook this Wednesday in the #MFRWhooks hop from the spooky, sexy, and surprising Hot Ink release, The Old Star

There was a young woman seated at a desk right in the front of the office.

“Hi, I just called, Cathy Faraday. I’d like to register. I’m interested in a property I saw this morning that you have for rent.”

The young woman opened a document on her computer, and began firing a series of questions at Cathy, then keying in the answers Cathy gave.

Cathy was grinning with mirth at the way the young woman got through this slightly tedious task. The young woman looked up.

“So Ms. Faraday, what was the property? I’ll look up the details for you.”

Cathy’s eyes sparkled. “The Old Star, I saw it this morning.”

The young woman’s face set in an expression of distaste.

“I’m sorry I need to ask Mr. Parr to speak with you.” She stood up and walked down the small office passing another desk that was empty of an occupant. She leaned around a wooden door at the end of the office and called.

“Mr. Parr, I have an inquiry about that building, The Old Star…”

She turned around and walked back to Cathy. An older man followed on. He offered his hand to Cathy.

“Alfred Parr, good afternoon.”

Cathy smiled and shook his hand vigorously.

“Cathy Faraday…pleased to meet you. I’m interested in viewing The Old Star.”

She watched his pale blue eyes fill with determination.

“Ms. Faraday, you don’t want that old place. I can show you better. The Old Star has been empty a long time and needs work…lots of work.”

Cathy felt a frown of confusion crease her forehead.

“Why have it signposted for let then? Don’t you think I could decide for myself if it’s suitable?” She watched Alfred Parr take a deep breath and purse his lips.

“You need to know its history. The place has been empty for five years. The old lady who ran a dressmaking business there reputedly let it run down. When she died, the family put it up for let without any restoration. The grown-up sons took some care of it this last five years, until a few weeks ago when they went to the States, or so I’m told. The place isn’t nice, Ms. Faraday.” His voice had taken on an almost pleading note.

Cathy swallowed. “Mr. Parr, I’d really like to see it. You’re a businessman aren’t you?”

Alfred Parr sighed heavily.

“I can show you through tomorrow at nine-thirty, is that okay?”

Cathy broke into a smile. “Thank you I’ll be there.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars . "Author Elodie Parkes has weaved a wonderful story combining a bit of the magical and paranormal, with a curl your toes hot and steamy romance. A winning combination and a definate don't miss read!
I am looking forward to reading more of this talented writer's work."

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