Gone fishing...hook from the book...#MFRWhooks Wednesday #eroticromance

She unzipped his jeans and trailed her fingers down over his stomach so that his muscles clenched in anticipation of what she would do next. She dipped her hand into his boxers and touched the firm, velvet head of his erection. She pushed his jeans and underwear together down his thighs, and ran her hands over his hard bottom. Morgan had his tongue in her mouth and he was making tiny sounds of appreciation. She brought her hand around his thighs, took his sac in one hand, and curled her hand around his erection. It felt like heaven to hold him as he kissed her hard and thrust his hips.
They were both moaning, and Morgan had opened Ava’s jeans pulling them down to mid-thigh. He was kneading her bottom, and thrusting against her.
Ava whispered, “I need your fingers in me.” He kissed her, licking the side of her mouth before his tongue slid along hers. He pushed two fingers into her and she thrust towards the palm of his hand, it felt so good.
They clung to each other kissing and touching until Morgan groaned.
“Ava, I’m going to turn you around and lean you over the car a little. I have to make love to you. I have to be inside you.” She whispered her agreement, and he turned her holding her tenderly around her neck, bringing her face to his to kiss her, before he leaned her forward, and thrust into her warm, wet entrance. His thick, hard erection slid along her bud as he thrust, and Ava pushed her bottom back into him to have him go deeper and thrust harder. She was moaning and Morgan held her around her stomach to lift her against his thrust, and then she was coming. She shuddered, gasped, and whispered his name as she thrust back onto his cock wanting the sensation to last and last. Morgan leaned and placed wet kisses along her spine and then he let himself come. It was so delicious it almost made his legs weak, and he held onto Ava with one hand, and leaned over to the car door with the other.
They stayed like that with their eyes closed for a few moments, and then moved apart. Morgan hugged Ava and kissed her ear.
“Good thing you parked between the hedges.” His whisper made her smile, and after she had pulled her jeans up her hips and her T-shirt down over her breasts, she leaned back onto her car and looked at him. Her look was full of love and Morgan soaked it up.
He took her in his arms again, and held her head to whisper in her ear.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 

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