Romance snippet for Teaser Thursday from WIP Candy Hearts

This WIP has no cover yet but it does have a muse. Naturally since this is an erotic romance it's a yummy man. It's hump day hottie time too so here he is.

His name is Tom in the story, and he's now to be found working in a big hotel on the surf coast.

Valantine's day 
approaches and he has no sweetheart.

Can he remedy that in the couple of weeks until the 
hotel hosts its annual Valentine's Day dance?

He's glanced at a barista in a coffee shop a couple of times over the months he's worked on the surf coast.

Little does he know she has the hots for him and can't wait to get her hands on him.


From 'Candy Hearts' a Book Hook tease.

After reading the articles he found interesting, he looked around to order another cup of coffee. 
Sky was staring over at him. Her gaze was electric.  A sudden sweep of desire went over him. There was open lust in her eyes. He stared back. It was unnerving when she walked toward his table.

“Another coffee, Tom?”

It felt as if she’d said something much more intimate. Tom nodded, not trusting his voice to come out normally.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 

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