Smooching on a Sunday afternoon...#SundaySnog...let's make it a good one

From Forever Blue, new release erotic romance, Hot Ink Press

Claudie was back and she smiled at him.
 He ran his tongue over his suddenly dry lips. He followed her to the work surface where she poured coffee into two cups. Jasper stood close to her.

She turned to him.

He slowly, gently took a few strands of her hair. It slipped between his fingers and he gazed into her eyes. He saw her lean toward him and knew she’d return his kiss. He bent his head to hers. A fraction away from her lips he gazed into her eyes and saw lust. His cock jerked in his jeans. He met her mouth, kissed her slowly, lingering, and sucking her bottom lip a little, as his heart hammered in his chest.

She kissed him too, and brought her hands up to hold his face. Her gentle touch sent shivers of desire all the way down his body. His cock grew heavy. The longing to press against her overcame him and he pulled her into his arms.

Her gasp of pleasure caressed his ear. She pushed her stomach against his erection and her luscious tongue touched his lips. 

He opened his mouth. The urgent need to fuck her made his legs feel like jelly.

Her kiss continued. 

Jasper relaxed. She wanted him.

Her hands roamed on his bare back. Her fingertips traced his muscles.

He shook with need.

She leaned away from him and he followed her mouth with his, unable to stop kissing her.

He felt her smile against his lips.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Dec 2013


  1. Very nice snippet. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-)


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