SSSSunday SSSSnog happening in the park...they seem to be able to keep each other warm though

Sunday Snogging in the park from 'A Little Mysterious'
Evernight Publishing 'Romance on the Go'

He led her over the bridge and into the darker part of the park where he stopped and took her into his arms. She molded to him as they kissed. Dhruv felt her whole body tease him and lifted her under the bottom to have her pressed against him. He felt her legs go up around his thighs and he kissed her harder, lifting her higher. He carried her easily to a thicket of trees, kissing her the whole time, feeling his cock strain against his jeans, and push against her crotch as he walked.
Fucking hell, she’s so warm and smells so good.
 “Hey, my garden backs on to these trees. I have the garden to myself because the shop is walled off. I live over a shop. I have a back outside stairway like a fire escape, and it leads down to my little garden.” She moved her head away from his a little. “What a pity there’s no gate we could just go through, to my place.”
His intensity, the overwhelming aura of sexual abandon, made her gabble.
Dhruv leaned back against a tree trunk, still holding her close.
“Tell me, what do you want from me, Daisy?”
She took his face in her hands and kissed him before she answered.
“To know about you, to know you, to spend time with you, to…”
Dhruv stopped her speech with kisses, satisfied by her words. He was desperate now. He laid her on the grass and looked into her eyes as he unbuttoned her shirt, and then unzipped her navy blue Capri pants. She reached her arms up to bring his face to hers for a kiss.
He closed his eyes as she unzipped his jeans and then pushed them down over his bottom. If she was surprised he wore nothing more than the black jeans, she didn’t say. She sheathed his cock in her hands. It felt like heaven for Dhruv.
He lifted her hips to take her Capri pants, and panties, down to her ankles. She kicked them off, and had to let go of his cock, making a little sound of frustration. He liked that. It meant she liked to fuck. He pulled his own jeans off and then lay back beside her. He stroked down her stomach as he kissed her. The darkness enveloped them like a blanket. It was his friend. He raised himself to shrug off his jacket and T-shirt. He looked into her eyes as he lifted her around the shoulders then pushed at her shirt. He kissed down one arm as it was revealed when he took the shirt off. He unclipped her bra and pulled it away from her, sliding that too down her arms. It fell to the grass, and he groaned before pulling her naked form against his. He held her so tightly she gasped.
“I want you so much.” His voice came out huskier than ever and he kissed her hard. He trailed his fingers down her body to between her legs, and then up and down on her wet entrance a few times as his tongue slid against hers. He nuzzled her neck.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

For all you night owls and creature of the night lovers
erotic #vampire #shifter #romance from Evernight Publishing. 'A Little Mysterious'
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