Teaser Tuesday excerpt from 'The Winter Girl'

Petra greeted them warmly at the door and gave Lily a special look. It felt to Lily that Petra conveyed a secret message, but she didn’t know what.
John was equally mysterious, his smile almost that of a conspirator in some unknown plan.
Lily smiled back.
John took Ash off to the other side of the room.
Lily mingled with the townspeople she already knew and met a couple she didn’t.
At the dinner table, she was thankful to be seated next to Ash.
He touched her hand and it sent a flash of feeling along her arm, somehow ending up giving her a buzz between her legs.
They looked into each other’s eyes. A secret passed between them, but this time it was known to them both. Sex, the look said, sex, we fit together. I’m wet for you. I’m hard for you. Sex.
Lily basked in it. Ash started to get an erection. They didn’t eat too much and it was difficult to converse with the others because all they could think of was each other’s body.
Ash moved his leg to press against Lily’s leg. He moved his left hand down to run it along her thigh, a move hidden by the long white tablecloth. He drifted his fingers up to touch the top of her stocking secured by the fastener on the garter belt. He couldn’t resist moving his fingers further expecting to contact the sheer lace of her underwear, but his fingers found her skin, the soft V at the junction of her legs. He nearly dropped the glass he held in his other hand in surprise. His breath quickened slightly as a rush of desire thickened his cock.
Lily sighed softly.
Ash had heard that sigh before. He knew that Lily enjoyed the feel of his fingers on her thighs under the dinner table. He slowly withdrew and transferred his water glass to that hand. He needed the coolness of the ice to calm him down.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 Hot Ink Press release


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