Teaser Tuesday from soon to be released 'The Flower Box'

Teaser Tuesday
'A Random Act of Kindness'
Contemporary erotic romance soon to be released
They walked along toward the gates. Oliver got as close to her as he dared. The silence unnerved him and yet he couldn’t think straight to make small talk. More than halfway along the street where he knew the flower shop was situated, he grew desperate.
“Alice, what time do you finish work, maybe we could get coffee together? It’s been great talking with you.”
They were paces away from the shop and she stopped. She moved closer against a building so as not to clog the sidewalk.
Oliver stopped too. He waited.
“I’d like that, but I work late tonight. We’re doing late Thursday and Friday opening. It would be about nine forty-five before I was free.”
She looked hopeful and her eyes were full of another emotion Oliver couldn’t quite read. He had to hold himself back from grabbing her head and kissing her mouth hard. Somehow, her lips seemed fuller this close. Her eyes seemed dreamier. A wave of desire flooded Oliver’s lower stomach and rose up his body. He swallowed it down. His cock stirred as he saw her lick her bottom lip. She’s nervous or maybe she wants me too.
“I could come by then and pick you up. There’s a good cafĂ© at the end of the pedestrian precinct. We could walk there from the shop.” He knew he was gazing at her mouth, leaning closer. He put his hand on the wall of the building behind her. It enclosed them in intimacy.
She nodded. “Yes, that’s great. Thank you.”
He had to move and let her leave. It was hard to do. He walked with her to the flower shop and then in pretense at going further down the street he smiled. “See you tonight.”
Oliver made a right turn and darted down the alley leading to a street he knew wound back to the park’s back gates. There were shops along the alley and he glanced at them as he passed.
Get a grip. Get back to work.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014

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