The Picnic new release single from A Celtic Tapestry, contemporary erotic fantasy romance

Ava McCartney relaxes from her stressful job by walking in the woods. One day she chances upon Morgan Green. He's hypnotic in more ways than one and Ava doubles back to take another look at him. A mystery man, an enigma, sexy as hell, Morgan just might be the man Ava longs for.
Morgan discovers his home is under threat from developers, and decides to fight back.
His beauty and gentleness hide a powerful man. Who is he really?

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Ava gazed at him. He still wasn’t wearing a shirt and as he pushed his hair away from his forehead, she experienced a wave of sexual longing so deep her eyes found the junction of his thighs. Then her stare settled on the bottom of his hard flat stomach where his jeans revealed a fine line of hair. Ava swallowed as she realized how low his jeans were cut.

Morgan felt a growing warmth as he realized she was openly admiring his body.

He grinned at her.

“Do you walk here a lot? I haven’t seen you around, and yet I work in the forest often.”

Ava relaxed. She had seen the big, black Land Rover with the National Trust logo on it. She smiled at Morgan in response.

“I walk here maybe twice a week. I missed last week because of the rain. The path gets very muddy quickly.” She glanced around to the access road where Morgan had parked his vehicle. There were still large patches of mud.

Morgan stood up. “You’re right, it does. It’s because there’s a tendency for the rainwater to stay pooled in places. The ground water table is a little variable in this forest.”

Ava watched him as he stood up and stepped closer. She had never felt the kind of sexual attraction she felt right then. Morgan could feel it too. The young woman before him seemed to be radiating need, and he soaked it up. He liked it. He looked at her and he wanted to fold her in his arms and kiss her. It was a good feeling and one he hadn’t felt for a long time.

They stared at each other. Morgan thought nothing of being without his shirt. Ava thought only of running her hands along his smooth skin, and perhaps even letting her fingertips follow that little line of fine dark hair that started low on his body and dipped into his jeans.
Copyright 2013 Elodie Parkes and Moon Rose Publishing  
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