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Jake Snow
 a romantic mystery, with an erotic twist

Private detective, Jake Snow, has grown tired of working alone since his sister Bethany married, and stopped working on field cases with him. He's chosen less high-powered cases as he decides against teaming with another partner from the Black Agency. Gradually Jake realizes he wants the kind of love his sister found, and a different job...

When he's sent on what he thinks is a simple surveillance assignment, just before he's due to take his requested extended leave, he finds a tangled web of lies, and a fashion designer in trouble...

The question is will he also find love?
The steak restaurant was not far and Pixie directed Jake. There was a car park around the back and Jake drove at a crawl into it through the narrow entrance. Pixie put her hand out of the window and trailed it in the honeysuckle growing in huge clumps as the car went through the gap. A lovely perfume filled the cab and Jake glanced at her. She had a leaf between her fingers and she smiled at him.

With the car parked, they walked slowly across to the restaurant entrance. Jake had his arm around Pixie’s shoulders and he felt possessive. He liked that this lovely sexy woman was with him. He wanted her to be his. He bent his head and kissed her cheek. Jake let go of her shoulders to hold her hand as they went into the steak house, and were shown to a table by the hostess.

Pixie took off her short jacket and put it on the chair-back. Jake enjoyed the sight of her body in the clingy, minimal dress. Sitting opposite each other at a small table designed for a couple, Pixie gave Jake a look that he found so lovable he pushed his hands over the table to hold hers. She put her hands in his and smiled.

“Okay, now I want to tell you what happened at the atelier.

Jake nodded and Pixie began.
HOOK: 18+
They were through the front door and halfway down the hall before Jake pulled Pixie against him and began to kiss her hard. He felt her respond to him. She made little husky sounds as she molded her body against his and kissed him back with a hunger that matched his own. It sent tingles down his stomach into his cock and he held her tight against his growing erection.

Jake lifted her up. He kissed her once softly on the lips and then strode to the bedroom. Pixie kissed his neck as she held him, but once inside the room as she slid her feet to the floor, she moved away a little.

She turned to have Jake unzip her dress and he pushed the skimpy item down so that it fell to the floor. He turned her. The sight of her in black lace underwear made him yearn to tear it off and bury his cock deep into her wet pussy. He put his hands around her face and kissed her slowly, savoring all the pleasure that flooded through him at the feel of her lips.

He felt her unzipping his jeans and kissed her harder. He felt her open the buttons of his shirt and he let go of her face to help her, shrugging the shirt off. She kissed along his chest muscles, down his stomach, and pulling down his jeans with his shorts carefully, she moved her face in a soft caress against his lower stomach and then his cock. It nearly had Jake groaning, so that when she slipped a hand between his legs to cup his sac and then gripped his cock tightly he did groan. He put his hands into her hair thrusting his hips gently as she began to suck him. Her hair slipped between his fingers and he held himself back not wanting to grind into her lips. The sensation of her sucking was overwhelming. Jake felt his knees go weak and he whispered to her.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 All rights reserved Traveling Stars Entertainment Publishing


Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite in the free reviews given section. 5 stars

The author has written a hot and steamy romance which will pull in a lot of readers. The characters are interestingly sketched. Jake's character remains in your mind and from the way the author speaks about him, you start creating an image of him. I found Jake Snow very sexy and attractive. His personality is magnetic and it does justice to the love scenes. Pixie as his love interest is very charming and sexy.

Though the book has some erotic scenes, there is the sub-theme of a private detective too. The author has managed to interconnect them skillfully and weave a beautiful romantic story. The descriptions of the scenes, the detailing of the characters and surroundings make the book very appealing. The erotic scenes are very tastefully and aesthetically expressed so that the reader will not find it crude.

The story is very charged and fast paced so that you feel like finishing if off in one go. It is not a cliched love story. There is suspense, intrigue, mystery, and romance here. The book gives the reader everything they are looking for - entertainment. 



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