Gearing up for #Valentine's Day with The Flower Box, releasing FEB 7, #erotic sweetness for #MidWeekTease

The Flower Box
Hot Ink Press

Alice longs for love. Oliver wants to give her flowers and candy until he thinks she has another lover. Will his jealousy drive him away from Alice or straight into her arms?
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Alice opened her eyes. Dawn lightened the sky and that meant it was after six. She opened the shop on Saturday so would need to get up about seven. She felt Oliver lying alongside her in bed. He held her hand between them. Alice closed her eyes to drift in the memory of making love with him. They’d talked, but not for long. The way he’d made love with her touched her heart right then. Tenderness and hot sex mixed up half the night with Oliver finally holding her close to sleep. The question of if she’d see him again fell painfully into her mind. She wanted to so much it made her scrunch her eyes up tight and wish for it. Maybe she’d scrunched his hand in hers too, because Oliver woke up.

He moved his hand to turn onto his side and snuggle against her. He kissed her cheek and then her ear.

His whisper gave her goose bumps.

“I know you’re awake. I thought you were about to break my fingers.” He laughed softly and then bit her earlobe gently.

His kiss down her neck sent the goose bumps wild. Alice turned to hold him.

“Sorry.” She kissed his enticing lips.

Oliver smiled against her mouth. “Do you have to go to work? He didn’t wait for an answer, just took handfuls of her hair, and held her head to kiss her again.

Alice traced her fingertips over his waist and hips. His kiss was soft and teasing. She knew if she didn’t move away and get up she’d be late. Joyce would arrive at the shop. It wouldn’t be fair on Saturday morning to let her deal with everything.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 
Look for the book February 7
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  1. So sweet and soft, really enjoyed your tease today Elodie!

  2. Wonder if they'll have a quickie before work. ;) thanks for sharing.

  3. OOH that's a nice tease. Intriguing introduction. What's going to happen next?

  4. My favorite part in when he took the handfuls of hair. That's a very good visual and my total kind of guy ;)

  5. I just love the way you show us how the morning unfolds, they are so lovely, I need to know more

  6. Happy release day, Elodie!

    Thanks for teasing with me!

  7. Happy release day, Elodie!

    Thanks for teasing with me!

  8. Gorgeous cover, lovely tease! Congrats Elodie!

  9. Thanks for teasing with us, Elodie. Congrats on the release. :)

  10. Congrats on your new book. Is she going to stay or is she rushing off?


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