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A New Neighbor

Annabel walked back to her front door. The noise of the van caught the attention of her neighbors. They both stopped work.
She took the opportunity. With a smile, she stepped across her lawn and crossed the narrow path to stand a short distance from Evan and Nate.

“Hi, I’m Annabel, I’ve just moved in.” She waved at her house and continued, “Do you live here, are we neighbors?” As she said this, her eyes traveled over the naked torsos of first Nate and then Evan. 
Their faded and ripped jeans rode low on their hips. Evan’s were especially low and a hint of his dark pubic hair showed. Annabel could hardly take her eyes off his hard stomach. She tore her gaze away to look into Nate’s eyes as he shielded them from the sun with a gloved hand.

He’s lovely. Holy hell they’re gorgeous, both of them.

Annabel waited for an answer, heart pounding. Being so close to such perfect specimens of manhood was playing havoc with her nipples and she crossed her arms to hide the hard peaks.

Evan answered. His eyes held a smile, his voice, deep and breathtakingly sexy.

“Hi, yes we live here. Evan and Nate.” He gestured at Nate, who took off his work glove and offered his hand to Annabel.

She shook his hand, looking into his blue-gray eyes. Her thighs clenched at the sexual heat in them and then Evan was offering his hand.

Annabel put her hand into his rather than clasped it. He cradled it and his fingertips skimmed the inside of her wrist. The effect was so sexy her pussy drenched her panties. Fuck. She felt like dragging him down onto the grass and doing wild things. It made her smile a little, when the thought, with both of them, popped into her head. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014


  1. What a sexy tease! I love the descriptions of the guys n her last thought of them lol

  2. Where do I get neighbors like that?? Yum!

  3. Now why don't I ever have neighbors like that? lol

    Great tease, Elodie!

  4. Sorry for the delay on commenting on your tease. I was in editing/writing hell all week. Loved the bit about him rubbing the inside of her wrist. it was sexy. Great tease! :)


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