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The Winter Girl
A week passed during which Lily walked past the ‘shop/cafĂ©’ belonging to Ash twice but couldn’t bring herself to go in there.

Ash was becoming a little frantic. ‘Why hadn’t he pursued Lily?’

It was Monday late afternoon and he was locking up when he saw her crossing the road a little way up heading towards the grocery store. He left the shop and walked quickly to follow Lily into the store.

She realized he was behind her and held the door open for him.

“Hello Ash,” she smiled the greeting.

He looked so happy to see her that she waited for him instead of going ahead to pick up a basket.

“Lily I thought I might see you drop by the shop for a coffee this week. I guess you’ve been busy unpacking.” Ash searched her eyes for any flicker of attraction to him. His own eyes were bright with hope but he didn’t know that.

Lily felt a prickle of excitement when she saw the hope in his eyes. She wished she knew what else to say besides the short sentence of agreement about the unpacking.

Ash tried hard to stay by her side as they each shopped. He didn’t need much and wasn’t even thinking when he put a few things into his basket.

It was an awkward time with both of them wanting each other. Lily not having a clue what to do and Ash uncharacteristically unable to proceed with actions he would normally take to seduce his seasonal girl.

He purposely brushed close past her to pick up mixed lettuce packed in a transparent tub and Lily half turned to him. Their faces were close and Ash caught his breath as his instinct to kiss her froze him there for a moment. Lily was the first to back away. She was afraid of making the first move to ask Ash out even though she desperately wanted to. ‘What if she was mistaken about his interest and made a fool of herself? This town was small enough for her to be labeled as the girl who chased Starr Forrester.’

“Ash I’m expecting a work call so I have to dash. I’ll see you around.”

Ash was devastated. He watched her pay for her supplies and leave the store.

Alice tried to make conversation with him, but he answered her in monosyllables and she decided he was out of sorts.

Lily drove home wishing she had the courage to ask him outright for a drink in the pub one evening.

Ash walked back to his shop and locked up distractedly. He felt a sadness that was unfamiliar. ‘Maybe you were wrong about this girl Ash. Maybe she’s not your winter girl after all. Maybe you aren’t getting one this year. She’s not acting the way they usually do. She’s just not falling at your feet.’ The thought gave him a fresh wave of sadness. It never occurred to him that he was acting differently.
Copyright Elodie Prakes 2013
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  1. Interesting concept - a seasonal girl. thanks for sharing the tease. :)

  2. Hope they find each other again. Thanks for teasing!

  3. Hope they find each other again. Thanks for teasing!

  4. You have me curious with the idea of a seasonal girl, a Winter girl.

  5. They should get it together already. :)

    Sorry it took so long to get here. I've been in my editing cave.


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