Sizzle sizzle it's the Evernight Publishing Love Scene Blog hop #shifter #menage 18+ hop post

For this hop I've chosen to highlight my menage stories from Evernight Publishing
Night of the Horse

She gazed at Jude. When he opened his arms to her, she went into them. He held her close, a hand in her hair and an arm around her waist, cradling her against his chest. She raised her head, and Jude bent his, until his lips were so close to hers it was agony as she craved his kiss.

“Kiss me,” she whispered, unable to stand the wait.

Jude kissed her. A wave of desire started in her stomach and reached to between her legs, where she pulsed with need. He kissed her and she clung to him, kissing him back eagerly. Jude held her head and moved his face against hers as they caught their breath. His eyelashes brushed her cheek.

“Do you want more?” His voice was velvet, dark and enticing.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

He grinned at her as he stepped close and hugged her tight. Jeanie’s heart missed a couple of beats. He was so strange and beautiful, but best of all he loved her. He smelt of pine needles. His arms were strong around her. His dark hair soft in her fingers as she held his head. His lips were gentle on hers, until with a low moan, he cupped her bottom with his hands, to grind his hips against hers, and kissed her hard. The kiss so deliciously sexy, Jeanie opened her mouth to have his tongue slide against hers. She pushed against his body to feel his cock thick and hard through the jeans he still somehow wore. Then she drew back from him.
“Reed, how is it that you have clothes on?”
He kissed her between phrases. “I can take them off if you want.”
She smiled. “I meant when you shift back to being a man. How does that work, but now you mention it, I think that would be a good idea to take them off.”
Her pussy clenched at the thought of having Reed naked against her. She wanted his cock in her mouth and then in her pussy. She wanted to ride him and have the completely yummy feeling of an orgasm rippling through her.
  Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013
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From Evernight Publishing, 'Night of the Horse', erotic paranormal #romance, #menage, #shifters.
5 stars from Manic Readers
" a cute little love story, well written with good characters that will warm you up on a winter’s night. Enjoy!"
Available All Romance, Evernight, Siren Bookstrand, All Amazons and B&N

Swoop on Love
Suspense…#shifters…sex…and love
Jeanie explores her new neighborhood and finds a strange little road leading to a place with an intriguing name. It’s Saturday and she has no plans, as usual, why not drive down this road? What she finds there is even more fascinating than the place name, and to her delight, a very attractive man lives there. Too bad he’s furious with her for taking a photograph.?
A love story, graphic sex scenes and a twist of fantasy suspense, 18+ #menage M/F/M
" After two highly erotic encounters will Jeanie have to choose between two best friends who set her heart, and other body parts of fire? Swoop On Love is a magically sensual story and Elodie Parks has packed emotions, eroticism, mysterious characters, and energy into this short tale." Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite 5*
Available, All Amazons, AllRe, Evernight, Siren Bookstrand, B&N

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