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Dhruv gave her a look filled with promise. His ice blue eyes glistened, and he smiled knowingly. He had her in his arms and held fast against him as he leapt over the high wall into the garden beyond. The smell of blossoms followed them as he brushed against the trees, and broke the stalks of the sunflowers when the tip of his jacket tapped them on his way down to the carpet of grass. Daisy didn’t even feel shock at the movement. It felt right that he could do this, and she nestled against him.
He landed softly. She stood before him for a few seconds before he took the front of her dress with both hands, and tore it down the middle. The velvet fell away when he tore as if it was the thinnest of paper. The lining hung from the dress as he pushed the straps down her arms and the dress off onto the grass where they stood. He bent to kiss her and she leapt to him. His tongue slid against hers, cold and yet deliciously sexy. She made a sound in the back of her throat and reached to the crotch of his black jeans.
Dhruv yanked down the zipper and pulled her hands onto his cock. He gasped and then holding her hands around it, he guided her in slow sliding movements up and down the thick, hard length of it. He growled softly when she put her open mouth to his. His kiss on her bottom lip was more like a bite. She wanted the soft, long, languor inducing kisses he had given her before, and she tried to get them by closing her mouth.
He stopped holding her hands to his cock and pulled her panties down. His thumbs in the sides of the lace trailed streaks of coolness down her thighs.
From A Little Mysterious, Evernight Publishing, Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 
The book is available on All Amazons, Evernight, AllRomance, and Siren Bookstrand

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