The Flower Box, #mustread a Valentine Story to fall in love with #newrelease celebration #giveaway, see the discarded #coverart

The Flower Box hot new release from Hot Ink Press.

Alice longs for love. Oliver wants to give her flowers and candy until he thinks she has another lover. Will his jealousy drive him away from Alice or straight into her arms?

Teaser from The Flower Box 18+
“Three years. How can that have happened? You’re smoking hot. I can’t understand why you don’t have a man right now waiting anxiously for you to come home.” Oliver’s tone was sincere and Alice felt sad. She couldn’t understand it either. She looked at him aware tears welled in her eyes, even more embarrassed.
“There’s no one.”
Oliver kissed her again. This time he held her face. His lips were gentle on hers, and full of tenderness. When he stopped kissing her, he leaned back and smiled.
“That has to change.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014
I started a new board on Pinterest where I will post the raw graphics and talk about how I get to my chosen book cover.
 I thought I would do something different for the release celebration. I'm posting the covers I didn't use. I always make several covers and then have a hard time choosing which one to use. This is if the publisher gives me permission to make my own cover. Win a kindle copy gifted from Amazon of The Flower Box in a random draw when you comment on the covers I didn't use. Let me know if I chose the right one. Don't forget to leave an email address.


  1. all nice covers; like the one you chose

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  2. I look forward to reading this Elodie. Congrats!

  3. Watching your Pinterest board regarding the cover has been fascinating. You made the right choice, but I love how you tried different versions & explained why. Love all that stuff...

  4. I like the cover you picked the best.
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  5. I love your covers and the blurbs have me hooked.

  6. OMG!!! that had to be hard to pick. They are all so HOT!!!

  7. Not many comments to go in the random draw so everyone had a great chance. Melissa Crisp came out first :-) Your gift tag from Amazon will be sent soon. :-) Thank you to everyone who commented.

  8. Hi Melissa,
    Your email address has been rejected. A gift tag was sent to you at that address and when I emailed you the address came back fatal error. Please leave a valid email address to claim your copy of The Flower Box. :-)


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