A huge welcome to romance author Clarissa Cartharn and her hot off the press lovely new release, Scent of Roses, a contemporary romance

Somewhere between their laughs, their fights and their friendship, they fell in love. 

When Zoe Parker is tricked by her best friend, Sarah into participating in a reality dating television show, she knows for certain that she would be eliminated in the first round. She knows because she doesn’t want to stay, she would never be bothered about the wealthy, handsome bachelor her fellow contestants are vying for, and most importantly, she has told the bachelor, Dante Dimitriou himself all that. But life couldn’t have taken a sweeter twist when she discovers that she has made it successfully through the first round. What will she do when she discovers that Dante intends she makes it until the very last and win the entire show? 

After much deliberation, Dante Dimitriou hesitantly agrees to help his best friend, Connor launch a new dating documentary in which he would be the star bachelor. He believes it’s going to be a torturous three months until he befriends Zoe Parker. Suddenly, the rules of the game changes. He wants Zoe in it as friend and company. She keeps him entertained. But what will he do when he discovers that she begins to rule his heart? Will he risk jeopardizing his friendship for love? 
Read an Excerpt:
Dante swore under his breath.
“They’re not leaving,” Zoe observed.
“They will soon,” he replied.
She let out a tired breath. “Did you build this?”
“I updated it. The previous owner was sort of an eccentric and had it installed. I found it intriguing and converted it into a private study.”
They waited a little longer but it seemed the women were enjoying themselves far too much to leave any time soon.
“I’m tired, Dante,” Zoe groaned, leaning back onto the wall. “Do you even know what time it is?”
He glanced up at her. Her fringes were loose and strewn about her. The spaghetti strapped vest she wore was cut deep into her cleavage and each time she breathed, her heart beat against it. She closed her eyes as she threw her head back against the wall, each gulp visible at the base of her throat.
He moved closer to her without knowing when or how. Clearly, she had hypnotized him. A hand settled at her waist and the other braced against the wall as he leant into her.
She opened her eyes slowly and smiled at him.
“You look tired,” he mumbled.
“I just told you that,” she said.
His fingers caressed her bare skin at her waist and she pulled in a sharp breath.
“Dante,” she started.
“Sshhhhh,” he whispered, grazing his lips against her shoulder.
“Dante,” she mumbled deliriously again, her fingers clenching his waist.
His lips tasted her skin as they travelled to the base of her throat. Her fingers threaded through his hair, tugging his head closer. He nipped at the pulse that had heated his blood and she moaned.
He pulled back to look at her and when she opened her eyes, a little fazed and wondering why he had stopped, he lowered his head and possessed her lips with his. His tongue parted them, tasting the hidden corners of her mouth.
He lifted her up, carrying her at his waist. His hands cupped her buttocks, while her hands cradled his face.
“Dante,” she panted. “What did you want to tell me?”

About Clarissa:
Clarissa Cartharn has always had a deep love for language. Her pursuit of it has led her to attain a BA majoring in English Language and Literature, sought a career in English teaching for six years before finally becoming a lawyer. But when she took up the pen, she realised what she was really desiring for was the cathartic release of her wild imaginations via writing. 
Clarissa is interested in learning new languages and is currently on a quest on conquering Mandarin Chinese.
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