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It's mid week tease again and we continue to take a peek at the contemporary erotic fantasy, Forever Blue.

Claudie’s bed was made, with the quilt pulled up to the pillows, and then smoothed down. Jasper laid her on there and leaned over her.

“You’re so very lovely, Claudie.” He unzipped her jeans as he kissed her.

Claudie was the happiest she’d been for a long time. This man’s attention made her heart sing. True, she hardly knew him, but it felt right. She had instincts about people and animals too. He felt safe. It felt as if they had a deep connection and Claudie loved what he did to her. She didn’t know how much she needed sex until Jasper gave it. She reveled in his touch.

His hands traced her hipbones as he kissed her. He surrounded her with what felt like love. His masculine scent mixed with his forest smell evoked a sexual haze that freed her inhibitions. She helped him pull her jeans down and then she lifted her arms for him to take her sweater off.

“Take your clothes off, Jasper. Let me watch you.”

He stood. He looked into her eyes as he undressed.

Claudie felt her panties wet against her throbbing pussy when Jasper dragged off his shirt. He’d told her she was lovely, but he was pure sex to her. She wanted to hold him and lick along the V of his hips as they dipped down to his cock. She watched as he pushed off his jeans and revealed his erection. Claudie licked her lips. Just thinking about tracing the shape at the head of his luscious cock with her tongue, gave her another drench of wet heat in her pussy. Her clit felt huge as she squirmed against her panties wanting his fingers in her.

He leaned over her. She thought she’d come just from the look he gave her as he bent his head to place a kiss on the hollow at the base of her neck.

She held his head, taking fistfuls of his dark hair.

He brought his face to hers and traced his tongue over her lips until she opened them.

His body was a couple of inches above hers as he supported himself on his forearms, and she grabbed his hips to pull him down onto her. She craved the feel of his cock against her stomach.

They kissed each other breathless.

He drew back to smile at her before he nibbled down her neck.

She murmured soft sounds, not even words. All she could think about was having his cock thrust inside her.

When he moved from between her legs to lie by her side she groaned in disappointment.

She looked up into his gorgeous face.

He was propped on one elbow, and smiled at her again. He traced his fingers down her stomach to rest tantalizingly just above where she wanted them to be.

She lifted her hips to him, hoping his hand would slip down and he’d feel how wet she was, how much she needed him.

He closed his eyes as he leaned toward her face and kissed her tenderly. His fingers slid along her wet pussy and then he pushed them into her.

His thumb was against her clit, pressing deliciously. Claudie purred against his lips as they kissed. She rocked against the palm of his hand to have his fingers deeper inside her pussy. She held his shoulder muscles and moaned into his mouth. Her orgasm was building rapidly and she thrust her hips to his pumping.

Against her mouth, he whispered, “Come for me. I’m crazy about you. You feel so good.”

The words filtered through her lust numbed mind as she dug her fingernails into his back when she came, gasping at the intensity of the orgasm.

Jasper removed his fingers gently and lay between her legs.

Claudie ran her fingertips up and down the sides of his body. “Thrust into me.” Her voice was made throaty from his nearness, his cock between her thighs, and the way her clit still pulsed.

“Oh, I will.” Jasper whispered into her ear.

A shiver of pleasure ran down to her breasts as he licked her ear. He trailed his tongue down her neck to suck as he slowly pushed his hard thick cock into her pussy. The feel of him, inch after inch, slowly filling her until he gave a final hard thrust was delicious. She held him tight and reached to suck at his neck the way he sucked at hers.

They both softly moaned as they sucked and in unison brought their mouths together to kiss each other slowly, tenderly and then hungrily.

Jasper thrust his cock in and out of her fast and hard. Then he slowed down and raising himself on his knees, he lifted her hips and looked into her eyes.

Claudie’s eyes were only half-open. They were heavy with lust. She felt drugged with sex, but she saw his eyes, and thought they were full of tenderness.

His thrusts were slow as he held her hips and his cock grazed her swollen clit. His hands possessed her hips and he fucked her until she came again moaning his name. Jasper held her under her bottom and pulled her hard onto his cock.

Claudie heard him groan, and then he pounded his cock into her as he came. She opened her eyes to see him come. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back a little. He looked erotic, beautiful, so sexy, and she sighed with pleasure. He’s so gorgeous. I think I’m falling in love with him, or falling in sex with him. I might love him soon. Her thoughts made her smile.

Jasper opened his eyes and gazed at her. He still held her under the bottom. His cock pulsed in her pussy. He smiled. “I’m falling in love with you.” His voice was soft and low.

Claudie held her arms up for him to lie against her, and be held. “I’m falling in love with you too.” She whispered it as if it was a secret she didn’t want the universe to hear. I don’t want to lose him. I want to know him, love him, and keep him forever.

He lay in her arms and clasped her body to his, rolling them both onto their sides face to face. He smiled and kissed by the side of her mouth. “That’s the best thing I’ve heard in a long time.” He kissed the tip of her nose and then her lips gently.

She traced her fingertips down his face. She rubbed her face against his and savored his masculine scent. She closed her eyes and nestled into his neck. “Jasper, tell me about yourself.”

He held her head, his hand in her hair, and kissed her forehead.

“I’m just a forester. I love trees and the countryside that’s why I studied to do the job. I’m not very wealthy. I’m thirty. I live…” he hesitated, “I live locally. I want to keep seeing you. I want to know all about you. You’re special to me.”

“Stay with me tonight. Stay, can you? I took you from your work. Stay and we’ll eat some dinner together later.”

Jasper hugged her. “I’d like that very much.”

They snuggled together. Jasper traced his fingers over her hip and down the curve of her thigh as she lay against him, and Claudie fell asleep.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 Hot Ink Press
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  1. This was sweet and spicy at the same time. Nice teaser.

  2. loved the line 'She whispered it as if it was a secret she didn’t want the universe to hear.' Nice! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. I agree with Kiru. Super tender but super erotic. I also am sure this just worked out this way, but toward the beginning when there is much talk about licking, to the right there is that delicious picture of a man licking his lip that says Find Me. Loved that it was right there giving such a great visual!

  4. Very sweet and sensual. Nice tease!


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