About my writing process...my what? How I write and a sprinkle of why

The lovely Eileen Griffin tagged me in a blog hop about authors' writing processes.
I have to smile. Mine is more like, full on run at the laptop and dash down a story...no not quite as bad as that, but close
 I answer the questions in the hop:
Q. What am I working on?
 Yikes. Three books right now. I'm about a third of the way through a novel, with no title. Yes the trend I talked about on the Literary Lagniappe post has continued. 
This book is a contemporary erotic romance, so we all know what that means. Cool story and hot love scenes with an HEA. This story takes pace in the UK, it has some environmental themes, but is mostly a love story. Zachary Donovan comes home from LA disillusioned with his acting career and just over a broken heart. He throws himself into a 'cause' and meets, Erin, she's just what he needs to get over every little hurt he's ever felt, but there are hurdles and surprises to navigate.
Meet Zachary (Isn't he to die for?)

The second book I'm working on is a menage romance.
Now this story keeps changing. Sometimes my heart wants it to be a shifter story and other times not. I've deleted three chapters in this dance of shifter/no/shifter /no (smiles but its not funny)
I sometimes have trouble believing in love, in real life that is. I know so many lovely women who have no one in their life. We commiserate and look at each other, checking to see if the reason we are alone is visible. I write love stories hoping to fix that ache of needing someone to love and be loved by. 
Meet Nate and Evan
Yes I know they are gorgeous, and headless, but then I am an erotic romance writer after all.
My third story is finished. It's a paranormal romance and just had the final edit. It's gone off on the submission round now.
Titled, Cafe in the Park, my completely loveable male lead is Chris Donato and the object of his hopes and dreams is Emily.
Here's the draft blurb:

He might be the man of her dreams, but he had secrets that could keep them apart…

When Emily joins a dating agency, she never expects to meet a man like Chris. He’s special in more ways than one, and Emily is about to find out his shocking secret as someone from his past comes back to haunt him.
How can love blossom, when someone is trying to tear them apart?
Here's the inspiration for Chris. As you can see he's exotic and in this scene, erotic. So is the story.  
Q. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I read lots of books. I read from many different genres, but when I read erotic romance I've noticed that huge swathes of the genre is now some form of BDSM. There's also loads of male on male erotic romance. All good, of course, but mine might differ in that they are erotic but gentle, if that's the word. I don't write BDSM because truth is I know so little about it. A reader messaged me a few weeks ago to say how much they loved my stories, they told me my stories are 'beautiful', that's so touching. I want them to be. Does that make them different from other books in my genre? I don't know. Another reader said, your stories are 'so real and believable,' I try to give readers an escape but in the heart of the story is the seed that it could be true, it could happen to you. Some of my female leads are strong women who have almost given up on love. The female lead in 'Swoop on Love' was called the 'perfect heroine' by a Readers' favorite reviewer. Strong brave, but when it comes, not afraid to love.
Q. Why do I write what I do?
 I write erotic romance because I want more love in the world. That's sounds very pompous, but it's true.Why not throw light on the beauty and raw communication of love and making love. I write stories that have twists in the plot, or some mystery, but always the bedroom door is open. It's to show how much my characters feel for and with each other. I want that 'high' to shine through the story.

So now to tag the next authors in the hop: Who will we meet next?
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  1. I like what you said, about writing erotic romance because there are so many lonely women in the world. It gave me the fuzzies. :)

    Since you said you run to the laptop and get the story out, I'm guessing you're a pantser. How much prep do you do before sitting down to write the story? Do you just flesh it out as you write?

    1. I don't do any prep before writing, but as I go along I research if need be. The story is always in my head before I write it. Sometimes the direction changes, or the characters take over and something changes. Thank you for asking. :-)

  2. Enjoyed you sharing with us.. thank you.

  3. Enjoyed you sharing with us.. thank you.

  4. I don't think it's pompous at all to say you write romance because you want more love in the world. I write romance partly because it's what I love to read, and I think writing comes most easily when we follow our hearts, but also because it gives people hope. Our media tends to focus on the negative; we're so inundated with bad news and drama, and romance stories are often stories of hope, healing, and new beginnings--and love, of course.

    I just downloaded a sample of "Forever Blue" to my Kindle. It's now in my virtual to-be-read pile. :)

    1. Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your kind words :-) I hope that you enjoy the sample of Forever Blue.


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