Author, Amanda Bretz drops by the blog to tell us about the inspiration behind what her characters look like in her new release story, 'Minding the Boss',

I'd like to share what the inspiration is behind the physical attributes of my male and female characters. I use story boards on Pinterest to develop a sense of what my hero/heroine look like. When I sat down to write a story about a sexy boss only one image popped into my head: Alexander Skarsgard.

I’ll admit I am a die-hard True Blood fan and I have developed quite the crush on A.Skar.
I don’t know if it’s the come-hither look in his blue eyes, his six-foot-four build or the fact that he plays a 1,000 old Viking vampire who oozes alpha male sex appeal–but I just knew Max Drake would look like Alexander.
I mean, come on, look at him.
 Who wouldn’t want to call him ‘sir’? ;-)

When it came time to think about what the female in my story would look like I knew I wanted someone pretty, but who was also a bit girl-next-door. I think that balance is part of the appeal of my character Rachel. I knew that I wanted Rachel to have brown hair and since my story takes place in Miami, I figured it wouldn’t hurt for her to have a sun-kissed look.
I decided that Rachel Bilson was the perfect woman for my character. Heck, she even has the same first name as my character. I’ve been a fan of this fine actress since she played Summer Roberts on the TV show The O.C. ;)

Minding the Boss 

What is it about a man in charge?
Rachel Ellis has spent months fantasizing about all the things she’d love to do to her sexy boss Max Drake if given the chance. When the two find themselves alone in the office, on a Saturday night no less, she quickly realizes that all her naughty daydreams are about to come true.
Even though she’ll settle for just one night of passion with Max, Rachel finds out that anything is possible when you mind the boss.

Read an excerpt:

“Rachel? What are you doing here so late? And on a Saturday night?”
I startled at the sound of his deep, hypnotic voice. Even though I could recognize that mellifluous voice in my dreams, hearing it this late at night, while I was alone in my empty office building no less, caused me to drop the contents of my mug of coffee all over my desk. I scrambled to my feet in an attempt to keep the lukewarm liquid from pooling on my computer, cell phone or any of the other electronic devices in the vicinity.
“Here, let me help,” Max Drake, my ultra-sexy boss, said as he pulled a white towel out of thin air and began mopping coffee up off my desk.
My spacious cubicle seemed to shrink in size thanks to the presence of his powerful six-foot four frame. I watched him, fascinated by the way his bicep muscles rippled beneath his long-sleeved cotton shirt. It was a powder blue, my favorite color on him. I knew even before Max turned his blue-eyed gaze on me that the light blue hue would only enhance the azure color of his eyes.
“Thanks. You’re a lifesaver, Max. So do you always carry a towel with you just in case of coffee emergencies?” I asked him in an attempt to lighten the mood.
“No,” he said, a smile curving his full, sexy lips. “I was on my way to workout, but I remembered I left my gym access card on my desk. What are you doing here? It’s Saturday night. I find it hard to believe you don’t have a hot date with some-“ he stopped speaking abruptly and leaned his long frame against my desk.
“You, uh, have some coffee on your shirt,” Max told me as he passed me his towel.
I looked down at my white T-shirt, which now sported a wide brown oval of coffee on the left boob. I was suddenly hyper aware of two things: the way my shirt clung to the soft flesh that was soaked with java and Max’s gaze at my bra-less breasts in my thin, partially coffee-stained T-shirt.
Why hadn’t I felt the liquid on my chest before now? And why had I thought it was a good idea to leave the house without a bra? I’d been so sure no one would run into me that I’d came into the office to complete a project I was behind on with my hair balled up in a messy bun, a white T-shirt, sans bra, and a pair of black yoga pants. Lime green flip-flops completed my stunning ensemble.
I hated that I looked like a bag lady in front of Max. I hated that I’d spilled coffee all over my cube and myself. I hated that I was dabbing at my boobs with his gym towel. I just wanted to crawl under my desk and never come out.
 “I’m sorry I’m such a klutz. I-“ whatever else I was going to say next died on my lips when I felt Max’s hands encircle my wrists.
My pulse raced at the nearness of him as he pulled me from my chair and toward his hard body. I closed my eyes when I saw him lower his sensual mouth toward my own. I was dreaming. Despite the copious amounts of caffeine I’d consumed, I’d somehow managed to fall asleep at my desk and I was having a deliciously sexy dream. But when Max’s lips met mine I knew I was wide awake.

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About Amanda:
In addition to being an author of contemporary, historical and erotic romance, Amanda Bretz holds a degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. She is a multi-published author of several books and short stories and has worked as a journalist in both print and online news. Amanda writes romantic stories with a happy ending and invites readers to experience the rush of falling in love.
When not writing, Amanda can be found whipping up something delectable in her kitchen, spending time in nature or getting lost in a good book.
She resides in historic Saint Charles, Missouri, with her husband, Brandon.

Connect with Amanda online:
Twitter: @realamandabretz

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