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She took his hand and they walked quietly to her house. She let them inside and immediately Justin hugged her close. He nuzzled her hair, and then, as she traced her fingertips along his backbone, he put a hand on her face and kissed her hungrily. They clung to each other, pressing close. They stopped only to breathe. Rosie unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. She trailed her fingers along to the front of his thighs. They were hard and muscled. Justin’s tongue pushed against her lips and opened her mouth. As his tongue slid against hers, she took hold of his cock. His erection felt huge and inviting.
He moved his hips, pushing into her hands and kissed her harder. Rosie went liquid, wanting to make love. Her panties were damp against her pussy as she stroked Justin’s cock. She wanted him so badly that when he stripped off her clothes, kissing her as he went she made soft whimpering sounds. He stepped back to take his jeans off, and watched her as she stood waiting for him.
As soon as he was naked, she leaped on him. He laughed as he caught her, and she put her legs around his hips. He kissed her mouth.
“You’re lovely, so sexy.” His voice low, he kissed her again before walking her into the lounge room. He sat down on her sofa and Rosie straddled him. He smiled and kissed her, pulling her up by her hips until she knelt, her legs on either side of his thighs. He stroked his knuckles along her pussy as his tongue slid against hers in another devastating kiss. Then he put a finger into her and Rosie moaned. She pressed onto his hand and he smiled against her lips.
“You’re wet for me.”
He pushed another finger into her and left his mouth against hers, but not kissing her. It teased her and Rosie rocked on his fingers, nibbling at his bottom lip. He moved his fingers and guided his cock into her. Rosie sank down onto it. The sensation of his cock filling her up, and the delicious stretching so breathtaking, that she had to rest her face against his, unable to kiss him.
He was strong and he took hold of her hips and rocked her, then slid her along his cock. The rhythm was just right and Rosie’s orgasm started as he slid into her. He closed his eyes. Rosie closed her own eyes, as the feeling grew and shook her with its intensity.
As she came, Justin bent his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth. Rosie gasped with pleasure. She held his head to her breast, but he moved back and then took the other nipple into his mouth. He didn’t stop the delicious thrusting of his cock and another orgasm began. She moaned against his lovely, soft hair as he kissed her breasts. This orgasm made her grind her hips with its intensity. Justin held her gently. When she stilled, he lifted her, holding her against his body, then kneeling to put her down on the carpet. He thrust into her pussy in long, slow strokes until he came, moaning against her ear as he lay over her.
After a few moments, he moved away to slide his cock out of her. He picked her up easily, kissing her by the side of her mouth, and brought her to sit on his knee as he sat once more on the sofa.
He cuddled her to his body. Rosie felt the strength in the muscles of his chest and arms. She soaked up the comfort of his embrace, snuggling against him as he stroked her hair.
“I feel that we belong together, but Jude likes you, too. He wants you, too.” At Justin’s gently voiced admission, a tingle of pure sex shot through her body. Her pussy throbbed and she raised her head to look into Justin’s eyes as he continued. “You find him attractive, don’t you? I can tell, and anyway why wouldn’t you?” His question was as surprising as the fact he’d brought Jude up straight after they’d had sex.
Rosie gazed into his eyes. She couldn’t answer because she did want Jude. She wanted them both, Jude and Justin. If Jude arrived that night and made love to her, even though she’d been with Justin that afternoon, she knew she would welcome him. Her look betrayed her and Justin smiled.
“I knew it. It’s good. He’s my dearest friend.” Then he held Rosie’s face and

kissed her until she became breathless and dazed with lust. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013 Evernight Publishing 2013 

 4 and1/2 stars from Manic Readers
" a cute little love story, well written with good characters that will warm you up on a winter’s night. Enjoy!"
Available All Romance, Evernight, Siren Bookstrand, All Amazons and B&N

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