Snippet Saturday, and as a recent reviewer said, "This is Elodie Parkes so the sex is off the charts" #eroticromance 18+adult excerpt

Alice found her car keys and unlocked the car. She turned to him.
He pulled her close. “Do you want me?”
She pressed her body against his. “Yes.” She brought both hands to the bulge in his jeans and pressed.
Oliver thrust into her hands. He opened her jacket and pushed his hands up inside her sweater. It was raised over her breasts with his wrists. All he could think about was fucking. He pushed her bra up and revealed her breasts. Her nipples stood out and he sucked each one hungrily. He found the zip of her skirt and dragged it down so that her skirt fell to her feet. He knew he was moaning softly but couldn’t stop, not the moaning, nor the urgent tearing at her pantyhose. He dragged them down to her ankles and lifted her onto the car bonnet. He looked into her eyes as he removed her shoes and the pantyhose and then swooped on her mouth. He kissed her until he couldn’t breathe. Her hair in his hands, his nose pressed against her cheek, and his tongue invading her mouth sent powerful throbs to his cock.
She moaned his name as he drew back from the kiss. “Oliver.”
He pulled her legs apart and she lay back on her elbows as he bent and licked at her stomach. As he kissed down to her clit and sucked it, she rocked her pussy to his face. He dimly heard her breath coming in gasps. Oliver kissed her mound, and then he finger fucked her, pumping his fingers in her, he listened to her moans. He watched his fingers go into her until he couldn’t stand not having his cock in her pussy. He opened his jeans, and pushed them and his boxers down around his knees. The night air on his hard, pulsing cock felt delicious. He trailed the head up her thigh across her open pussy and along the other thigh. His cock leaked on her. He lifted her hips, pulled her closer, and pushed the hard thick length into her pussy slowly. Inch after delicious inch of her tight warmth surrounded him as he slid in.
Alice gasped and pushed down onto his cock. The pressure was like heaven.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press

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