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From my WIP, Josh Harper, an #MWtease 

Dana looked out of the hotel window at the rain falling in sheets to the gray streets below. The wind blew the rain at an acute angle so that the sheets looked like some bizarre work of art, as it appeared to hang outside the raindrop dappled glass.

“So much for summer,” she said aloud, as she picked up her briefcase and laptop bag, “but then this is London. I don’t know why I expected anything else.”

Dana had ordered a car to take her to the office where the interview was being held. A card tucked into the folder of tourist information that lay on the small desk in the corner of her hotel room, held an advertisement for hire cars. She’d called the day before and booked one

The pale green, telephone rang with its peculiar trill. Dana picked up the handset.
“Dana Rossi.”
“Your car is at the front, Ms. Rossi, if you’re ready.”
“Thank you, I’ll come down.”

Dana was totally ready. She’d practiced her presentation so many times she could sing it to the melody from a Sheryl Crow song. She’d bought a business suit that was so sharp she felt not so much elegant as deadly. Her spike-heeled, five inch stilettos glowed with two coats of self-shine Kiwi. She meant to get this job. It would bring her back to London, to the country she was born in and away from Jack Holden with his seductive Texas drawl. It would also double her salary. Not something to be discounted.

Dana clicked her room door locked behind her. She took the elevator to the lobby and walked out of the doors as they slid silently open. The hotel was darkly opulent and a guy standing next to the huge, revolving front doors stood out like a beacon.

He offered his back view to the general hum of the lobby as he stared out the embossed glass doors. Tall, with a black suit jacket that stretched across broad muscled shoulders, his bottom half was incongruous in Levis that showed off a delicious hard ass. Long legs culminated in a pair of black boots, expensive western boots, if Dana wasn’t mistaken. The decorative stitching disappeared under the hem of the jeans.

Dana expected the driver of the hire car to be waiting for her. She went to the desk.
“Dana Rossi, you called about my car having arrived.”

The desk clerk smiled, and nodded her head toward the doors of the hotel.

“Yes, Ms. Rossi, the driver is waiting by the doors for you.”

Dana glanced toward the doors. She looked back at the hopeful face of the clerk.
The clerk nodded.
Dana approached the tall guy who’d begun to tap his foot to a song only he could hear.
She walked around him as addressing him from the back wasn’t going to work. He was head and shoulders towering over her.

“I’m Dana Rossi, you’re waiting for me.”
She looked up into his face as she spoke. A shock of attraction almost took the ‘me’ of her statement from her in an intake of breath. The man was gorgeous. His dark hair tousled around his ears. He had the bluest eyes Dana had ever seen, fringed with the kind of long, dark eyelashes seen in mascara commercials, though these were obviously not coated with lengthening fibers. His mouth was the sort of mouth that could drive a woman nuts wanting to kiss it. Dana gazed at his jawline, which could only be described as movie hero material. He’s to die for, if I used that phrase.

He smiled. He held the rim of a pale colored, rain splattered Stetson in both hands, and dipped his head to her politely.
“Josh Harper at your service ma’am.” He stuffed the hat under one arm and held out a hand to take her briefcase and laptop bag.

Dana was still drinking in the sound of his voice. Like deep, golden honey, it dripped with of all things, a delectable Texan accent. Sexy little lines appeared by the sides of his eyes as he smiled, and damn, his chest muscles vied for attention with his slender waist as it tapered into the low rise Levis.

She stared hypnotized by his beauty for a few seconds, and then dragged herself into business mode. “I can manage my bags, but I’d appreciate you holding an umbrella over me as we walk to the car. I’m going to a job interview.”

Josh Harper nodded solemnly. “Yes ma’am, I know that. Prender, Parkin and Vass, sent me to get you.” He turned to the wall and picked up a large black umbrella that had been hidden by his sexy bulk. “I’ll get out there and have this up for you in a jiffy.”

Dana watched him move through the revolving doors and unfurl the umbrella. He put the hat on his head and stood waiting for her. A sigh of appreciation escaped her as she saw the hem of his shirt raise slightly and display a band of muscular stomach. What a sight he is, just enough to melt your panties off.
She went through the doors and he walked next to her holding the umbrella over her. He opened the car door and helped her in. The touch of his strong hand on her arm sent streaks of sensation right to her nipples. Dana sat back in the soft leather seat as he got into the front of the car. It was only then that she realized this wasn’t the hire car at all. The company had sent this car for her with some yummy kinda cowboy to drive it.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All rights reserved.

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The fab Ella Grey visits today with new release Embracing the Tease 3#

The Black Rose, 3
They both need to blow off some steam...
Lilith Yee is Madame Tease, except she hasn't been doing much teasing lately. Alex has left her in charge, which means there isn't time for fun. On top of paperwork and making sure Twisted Rope is still performing on Friday, she's bored. 
Joseph Hall is the lead singer of the Twisted Rope. On the last leg of their tour, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's kept a secret from his bandmates, one that is slowly killing him inside. He's more than willing to put the decisions in someone's hand. 
One night. No promises. Could it end up being the perfect beginning?

“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.” The soft sound of her footsteps coming closer stopped him from disappearing through the door. Her hand pressed lightly on his shoulder, and he turned around. She wasn’t that much taller than he was, so he gazed into her eyes. They searched his. As he took a step away from her, she raised her hand. The move reminded him of someone trying to approach a wounded animal. “You’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders. I can help you with that. All you have to do is let me.”
“What do you mean?”
The smile she gave him hit him like a physical punch to the pit of his stomach. “Maybe it’s time you put that well-worn control into someone else’s hands. Come to my office after your set. I mean if you’re interested.” This time when she stepped toward him, he stayed rooted to the spot. He still found it difficult to look in her eyes. Damn, the tour had really worn him down along with everything else he’d had to deal with. “Look at me, Joseph.” As if her words were magic ones granting him permission, they were all he needed to shift his eyes to hers. He stayed still as she ran a nail along the line of his jaw. Dropping his gaze slightly, he studied the curve of her lips. The simple move made him rock hard as he glanced back into her eyes, and she gave him a look that could only be described as searching. “Come to me tonight after your set.”
“Who are you?” He wanted to touch her, his fingers practically burned with the urge—the need.
A moment of indecision flashed in her eyes before she suddenly seemed taller as she stood on her tip toes with the pose of a dancer. Joseph immediately wished that he had his notepad with him. She stopped a fraction from his lips, never looking away. “My name is Madame Tease.” The barest touch of her lips danced across his. “Have a good show tonight.”

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About Ella:

Ella Grey likes to tell stories which feature very human characters, even if those characters sprout fur or can conjure fire with a click of their fingers. Ella has been writing for over a decade and has been published for the last two years.
She currently lives in the UK with her son, partner and cat. She rarely sleeps and can often be found with a cup of coffee in one hand and her other hand on the keyboard.

Manday, moaning Monday blues cure

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Sizzling, sexy, seductive, Sunday Snog, Forever Blue, #erotic romance #SundaySnog

Sunday Snog, enjoy
She turned to him.
He slowly, gently, took a few strands of her hair. It slipped between his fingers and he gazed into her eyes. He saw her lean toward him and knew she’d return his kiss. He bent his head to hers. A fraction away from her lips he gazed into her eyes and saw lust. His cock jerked in his jeans. He met her mouth, kissed her slowly, lingering, and sucking her bottom lip a little, as his heart hammered in his chest.
She kissed him too, and brought her hands up to hold his face. Her gentle touch sent shivers of desire all the way down his body. His cock grew heavy. The longing to press against her overcame him and he pulled her into his arms.
Her gasp of pleasure caressed his ear. She pushed her stomach against his erection and her luscious tongue touched his lips.
He opened his mouth. The urgent need to fuck her made his legs feel like jelly.
Her kiss continued.
Jasper relaxed. She wanted him.
Her hands roamed on his bare back. Her fingertips traced his muscles.
He shook with need.
She leaned away from him and he followed her mouth with his, unable to stop kissing her.
He felt her smile against his lips.
“You feel so good.” Her voice was a whisper.

Copyright Elodie Parkes, Forever Blue, 2013 from Hot Ink Press

Release day for 'Jude,' the second book in 'The Fallen Series' from authors Tara S Wood and Lorecia Goings

It’s been a long wait over the past year, but we can finally come down off our tenterhooks and breathe a sigh of relief. Jude, the second of The Fallen Series, is here! Pick it up and see where Jude’s journey takes us!


Six angels once sat at the right hand of The Almighty, but an ill-fated decision cast them out of Heaven. Now they serve Him on Earth, slaying demons for their redemption. They are…The Fallen.

“Remember, angel, all ways in the end return to Me.”

Jude knows pain. He feels it with every inhale and exhale of breath. It is a constant on his mind and on his skin; a reminder of the depth of his disobedience. And his cruelty. With his fall from grace, he walks the Earth with his brothers, their steps set on a shadowed path to redemption, killing demons in His name. The angel of Vengeance may not have his wings, but he still burns.

Coriander Rhodes finds things. The intrepid little archaeologist sniffs out relics buried for eternity with the determination of a bloodhound and the arrogance of the devil. Her brash nature and bold tongue keep the big angel on his toes, inflaming and infuriating him at the same time.

When danger strikes at the heart of the angels’ inner circle, Jude discovers he is faced with a task far greater than he has ever known. The light must be protected at all costs, in all of its forms. The ultimate evil has a plan, and with the most innocent among them at stake, Jude knows he’ll finally have to face his sins and meet the pain in his soul dead on. Coriander’s touch is the only thing that soothes, but is it enough to make him whole? Can she help him work through the pain long enough to remember his faith, or will he be forever…fallen?

Jude in all his glory!


Jude stared at the blinding white of the bathroom tiles, gleaming back at him with their pristine cleanliness. There was a reason he was here, a reason he stood at the threshold of the doorway with the small blade in his hand. It was a steely and dangerous little thing he’d nicked from Elijah as soon as they got here. He missed the obsidian dagger. He hadn’t realized how much. The Almighty had seen fit to take it and transform it into a demon-killing sword that belonged in the hands of Lucius. Now it was gone. Much like its previous owner, lost to him in every way. Coriander belonged to the dark-haired Alex and the little girl. He didn’t belong to anyone.

The tremor started in his foot and worked its way up his leg, urging him to take the step into the bathroom, but he could not make it move. His vision warped and tunneled outward, and the bathroom rippled, beckoning him to breach the door jamb. Seeing her walk through the door had ripped open every wound he thought had healed. And even though she had made it perfectly clear she wanted nothing to do with him when she left, there was the tiny, hidden part of him that held on to the memory of his lips on hers. Because there had been no pain.

Everything hurt. All the time. Touch was agony. But when his lips met hers, the expected jolt never came. She had been hot and sweet, and the release from the pain had been instant, snuffed out like a candle. And when she shot him, it all came back. If he were honest with himself, he could admit to being grateful for the slug to the leg. He was so used to the constant and ever-present ache in his body and bones, and the sudden reprieve at Coriander’s kiss had thrown him for a loop. The gunshot simply grounded him.

Now she was back in his life, all guns and fire and fierce beauty, with a boyfriend and kid in tow. And here he was, back in this never-ending ritual of pleasure-pain that kept him in a perpetual vacillation between guilt and despair.

No. He was done with this. Never again.

Jude dropped the blade to clatter on the tile floor of the bathroom and turned on his heel. There were other ways to deal with this problem. It was time to drink.

Where do I find out more about the authors?

Tara Stogner Wood

Lorecia Goings

And where do I get my hands on Jude? Ebook – (no link yet, will send closer to the date) Ebook - (no link yet, will send closer to the date)

Meet your next Book Boyfriend in the Blog Hop from Evernight Publishing #prize draw $100 gift card, eBooks, and more

Book Boyfriend Blog Hop from Evernight Publishing
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Meet Jude from, 'Night of the Horse'

1.      He’s six feet tall, fit, and muscled.
2.      His hair is shoulder length, dark and glossy.
3.      His eyes are sapphire blue.
4.      He’s traveled a lot in his life, sometimes to hide from scrutiny.
5.      His favorite clothes are faded denims and black boots, except when he’s a dance partner in his best friend’s classes, when he wears a tux.
6.      He doesn’t sleep much and so takes walks in the night.
7.      He’s lonely and looking for love.
8.      He’s an artist.
9.      He’s passionate, enigmatic, and sexy.
10.  He has his own business.

Today Jude is visiting the blog with Rosie the main female character in Night of the Horse.

Would you like to tell the readers about how you and Jude met?

Jude: We met on the high street in the doorway of the art supply shop. I liked her as soon as I saw her. I’d seen her around before the actual formal meeting, shall we say. I don’t want to give spoilers.

Rosie: That’s true because although I didn’t know it I’d watched him from a distance.

Jude: You did more than watch you sighed over me. You sighed over Justin too. That’s another story, but just so you know my best friend loves Rosie too. It’s all cool.
He leans across and kisses Rosie, then keeps hold of her hand.

Rosie, Can you describe when you first knew you were in love with Jude?

Rosie: That would be the first time we made love, it was sex that turned into making love. For me anyway. Although I liked him the moment I saw him, in the shop doorway. I wanted those arms around me right away.

Jude: I loved her from day one. I saw her in the country road where she lived and she passed the shop on the high street when Justin and I were moving the stuff in after we bought it. She hurried by and I watched her go. I said to Justin, ‘look at that lovely girl. The way she moves, her pretty hair, something about her makes me tingle.’

You never told me that before. Justin said you were the one who said if it’s meant to be I’d find you both. That’s lovely Jude.
She leans across and kisses him this time .I better ask another question since now they are starting to get a little heated.

What’s one thing you might have changed about your story?

Rosie: Not a thing, since it’s the real thing. Although I’ve never been happy with my name, and that I’m not very tall, both Jude and Justin can tuck me under their arm.

Jude: That’s so sexy Rosie, that I can pick you up and cuddle you into my body. You’re beautiful the way you are.
As for me changing the story. More sex. Although there’s loads, I’m addicted to Rosie and I find it hard to keep my hands off her. I’m happy with the ending that’s the best ending ever.

Jude, tell us something about Rosie, how would you describe her in a few words?

Jude: She’s very pretty, slender, intelligent. I think she’s kind and generous, and she treats people really well. She’s brave too. She likes the countryside and animals. Starts to laugh and hugs Rosie.

Rosie, describe Jude in a few words.
Very sexy, giving, clever, thoughtful, a great lover, knows what he wants or needs to do and goes for it. Very creative and talented artistically.

How about you both choose your favorite scene from the book.

Rosie: It has to be a love scene for me, what about you Jude?

Jude: I’d like that. That time you asked me to kiss you, the expression in your eyes when you looked at me, it nearly stopped my heart. See there you go I was in love with you right from the start…

Read their chosen snippet,

She gazed at Jude. When he opened his arms to her, she went into them. He held her close, a hand in her hair and an arm around her waist, cradling her against his chest. She raised her head, and Jude bent his, until his lips were so close to hers it was agony as she craved his kiss.
“Kiss me,” she whispered, unable to stand the wait.
Jude kissed her. A wave of desire started in her stomach and reached to between her legs, where she pulsed with need. He kissed her and she clung to him, kissing him back eagerly. Jude held her head and moved his face against hers as they caught their breath. His eyelashes brushed her cheek.
“Do you want more?” His voice was velvet, dark and enticing.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013

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