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From my WIP, Josh Harper, an #MWtease 

Dana looked out of the hotel window at the rain falling in sheets to the gray streets below. The wind blew the rain at an acute angle so that the sheets looked like some bizarre work of art, as it appeared to hang outside the raindrop dappled glass.

“So much for summer,” she said aloud, as she picked up her briefcase and laptop bag, “but then this is London. I don’t know why I expected anything else.”

Dana had ordered a car to take her to the office where the interview was being held. A card tucked into the folder of tourist information that lay on the small desk in the corner of her hotel room, held an advertisement for hire cars. She’d called the day before and booked one

The pale green, telephone rang with its peculiar trill. Dana picked up the handset.
“Dana Rossi.”
“Your car is at the front, Ms. Rossi, if you’re ready.”
“Thank you, I’ll come down.”

Dana was totally ready. She’d practiced her presentation so many times she could sing it to the melody from a Sheryl Crow song. She’d bought a business suit that was so sharp she felt not so much elegant as deadly. Her spike-heeled, five inch stilettos glowed with two coats of self-shine Kiwi. She meant to get this job. It would bring her back to London, to the country she was born in and away from Jack Holden with his seductive Texas drawl. It would also double her salary. Not something to be discounted.

Dana clicked her room door locked behind her. She took the elevator to the lobby and walked out of the doors as they slid silently open. The hotel was darkly opulent and a guy standing next to the huge, revolving front doors stood out like a beacon.

He offered his back view to the general hum of the lobby as he stared out the embossed glass doors. Tall, with a black suit jacket that stretched across broad muscled shoulders, his bottom half was incongruous in Levis that showed off a delicious hard ass. Long legs culminated in a pair of black boots, expensive western boots, if Dana wasn’t mistaken. The decorative stitching disappeared under the hem of the jeans.

Dana expected the driver of the hire car to be waiting for her. She went to the desk.
“Dana Rossi, you called about my car having arrived.”

The desk clerk smiled, and nodded her head toward the doors of the hotel.

“Yes, Ms. Rossi, the driver is waiting by the doors for you.”

Dana glanced toward the doors. She looked back at the hopeful face of the clerk.
The clerk nodded.
Dana approached the tall guy who’d begun to tap his foot to a song only he could hear.
She walked around him as addressing him from the back wasn’t going to work. He was head and shoulders towering over her.

“I’m Dana Rossi, you’re waiting for me.”
She looked up into his face as she spoke. A shock of attraction almost took the ‘me’ of her statement from her in an intake of breath. The man was gorgeous. His dark hair tousled around his ears. He had the bluest eyes Dana had ever seen, fringed with the kind of long, dark eyelashes seen in mascara commercials, though these were obviously not coated with lengthening fibers. His mouth was the sort of mouth that could drive a woman nuts wanting to kiss it. Dana gazed at his jawline, which could only be described as movie hero material. He’s to die for, if I used that phrase.

He smiled. He held the rim of a pale colored, rain splattered Stetson in both hands, and dipped his head to her politely.
“Josh Harper at your service ma’am.” He stuffed the hat under one arm and held out a hand to take her briefcase and laptop bag.

Dana was still drinking in the sound of his voice. Like deep, golden honey, it dripped with of all things, a delectable Texan accent. Sexy little lines appeared by the sides of his eyes as he smiled, and damn, his chest muscles vied for attention with his slender waist as it tapered into the low rise Levis.

She stared hypnotized by his beauty for a few seconds, and then dragged herself into business mode. “I can manage my bags, but I’d appreciate you holding an umbrella over me as we walk to the car. I’m going to a job interview.”

Josh Harper nodded solemnly. “Yes ma’am, I know that. Prender, Parkin and Vass, sent me to get you.” He turned to the wall and picked up a large black umbrella that had been hidden by his sexy bulk. “I’ll get out there and have this up for you in a jiffy.”

Dana watched him move through the revolving doors and unfurl the umbrella. He put the hat on his head and stood waiting for her. A sigh of appreciation escaped her as she saw the hem of his shirt raise slightly and display a band of muscular stomach. What a sight he is, just enough to melt your panties off.
She went through the doors and he walked next to her holding the umbrella over her. He opened the car door and helped her in. The touch of his strong hand on her arm sent streaks of sensation right to her nipples. Dana sat back in the soft leather seat as he got into the front of the car. It was only then that she realized this wasn’t the hire car at all. The company had sent this car for her with some yummy kinda cowboy to drive it.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 All rights reserved.

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  1. *wipes away drool* Oh that was such a yummy teaser, Elodie! Loved it :-D

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  5. Yum! She's about to have a grand adventure. Love it, Elodie. Great tease.

  6. Yummy cowboys are the best drivers!

    Thanks for teasing, Elodie!


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