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From the erotic romance, The Flower Box, from Hot Ink Press

Spring finally turned sunny and warm. Alice still walked to the park for her break and often Oliver would meet her there, even though they practically lived together. With Oliver staying over at her place half the week, and Alice staying with him the other half.
It was Wednesday and Alice fed the ducks before she walked around the path to feed the swan. She looked around as she approached the pond. There was no sign of Oliver and although she’d been wrapped in his arms only hours before, she still felt a little dip of disappointment that he wasn’t there.
She stopped in the usual place by the area of thick reeds and looked for the swan. Her back to the hedgerows now wound with blossoming vines and fronted by banks of daffodils, she didn’t hear Oliver approach. He was suddenly by her side, sliding his arm around her shoulders to hold her. She smiled as he kissed her ear.
“Alice, I have a surprise for you. Two actually.” Oliver kissed her cheek and then as she turned in his arms to face him, he kissed her lips.
Melting waves of desire swamped her as he grazed her lips with his and then kissed her lingeringly.
He drew back and took her hand. He led her just a little further around the pond, to where the path split. Instead of taking the path to the back gates and the street, he led her to the opposite side of the patch of reeds. There in the edge were three swans.
Copyright Elodie Parkes, 2014 

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the hop, Elodie!

  2. Nice meeting you through the blog hop. The Flower Box - what an appropriate book for the Spring Fling. :) Nice excerpt...and I wonder about the swans. :)

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