#SundaySnog as a sexy #vampire meets somene who loves him #amwritng

Melissa nodded slowly. “Your skin is very cool. It’s sexy. Sascha, I believe you already. Why else would someone like you reveal himself? I saw you watching me in the club. Was that why? You were protecting me all along. I hoped it was because you liked me.”
Sascha couldn’t lie. He wanted her so much. “Not initially. I was attracted to you the moment I saw you. I want you…” He bent his head to hers. He kissed her softly, waiting for her to reject him.
She didn’t. She pressed close again. Her arms went up around his neck.
He savored the kiss she gave him in return. Tingles of raw sexual need teased his balls. Sascha groaned with each clench of his stomach.
Somehow, he must have transmitted his desperate need, because Melissa unbuttoned his black Levis as she kissed him.
Sascha growled low as her fingers curled around his cock. He held her head against his. His hands fisted in her hair. He kissed her so hard his cock leaked onto her fingers and he felt the satiny touch as she smoothed the pre-cum over the head.
She whispered. “It’s all okay. Can’t you tell from my kisses? I feel the same. When you stood in my way, in the club, I wanted to talk to you, but I didn’t know how. You’re so attractive. I felt shy. I saw your desire then, in your eyes. Not many men look at me like that. I’m glad you took me from the club. I’m not afraid. Not now I know what you are. Not now I’m here with you in your arms.” She kissed him between phrases as she stroked his cock, freed now to the night air.
Sascha growled long and low as he took her kisses, like gifts, on his lips, his cheek, his jaw. Very soon, he would have to fuck her. He could barely stop himself from taking her to the surface of the roof and stripping her naked. He wanted more for her than that.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 From WIP The Black Lion.

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