Tuesday and there's a teaser from one of my WIPs for #midweektease, bring on summer sun and hot romance

Her room was on the third floor. It provided a balcony that overlooked the pool below and the warm, aqua ocean beyond. Samantha opened the sliding glass door and walked onto the balcony. A tiny, white metal table and two folding chairs were placed close to the rail and a lush broad-leaved plant grew in a massive terracotta pot next to the door. 

She hung over the rail and took in the scene below. Bronzed people lay stretched out on the gaudy loungers that the hotel provided. A few striped sun umbrellas flapped in the soft breeze. Even from her vantage point on the third floor, the distinctive smell of coconut oil, and other exotic suntan lotions wafted by. The atmosphere was warm, exciting, and pungent with promise.

Samantha turned to go back into her room and saw him. About a meter away on the balcony for the adjacent room, a man stood silently staring down at the pool. Samantha took in his gorgeous profile, his dark hair, falling attractively over his forehead, his perfect nose and jaw, his muscular body shown off perfectly in his low riding shorts. He had a Celtic design tattoo on the top of his arm. It looked incredibly sexy, a short sleeve of swirling ink on his muscular arm. 

She paused to stare at him.

He looked her way.

She saw his eyes were dark blue.

He held her stare and something passed between them, a silent appraisal of each other.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014

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  1. Elodie! Best use of pictures in a tease!!!!!

  2. This made me want to pack my bags and head of on holiday to a beach resort. Nice teaser. Love the images.

  3. Nice tease (& picture!). Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Nice tease (& picture too!) Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. I can smell it, feel the sun...... And I want to go now

  6. Ooh I could totally feel his stare... What a nice tease!


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