Cover reveal 'Unexpected Storm' from Secret Cravings, #erotic #romance #coverart

When Holly takes a vacation with friends, she never dreams she will meet someone who turns her lonely life around in just one afternoon…the question is, can this kind of heat last… ‘Unexpected Storm,’ releasing June 21, from Secret Cravings Publishing. An erotic short to make sure your summer sizzles.


“Hi, my name’s Will. I’m not sorry I grabbed your ass. You’re lovely and I just couldn’t help it. Blame the atmosphere, the positive ions.” He smiled and it made him even more beautiful.

Holly couldn’t get past the lure of his muscular arm being so close to her she could’ve nestled against it. She couldn’t tear her gaze from his blue eyes. Her entire body reacted wildly to this man.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Secret Cravings, Book cover artist DawnĂ© Dominique 2014
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Releasing June 21

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