Sun, sand, and snogging in the #SundaySnog #snippet 18+

Matt got into the pool beside her without a splash, sliding in effortlessly. His whisper in her ear sent tingles down her neck to her aching breasts. “You’re so pretty. You must know I find you attractive. I’ve only got a few days of my holiday left, even accounting for sacred places, you’re the most appealing sight I’ve seen all week. Are you with anyone?”

Emma’s stomach flipped. She’d hoped for this. “No, I’m not with anyone. I came to warm up in the sun, stretch out like a cat.”

Matt kissed her ear before he whispered back. “Let me stroke you.”

Her cooled pussy clenched, suddenly hot with sexual need. She turned to face him.
He took her face in his hands and kissed her.
Emma felt that kiss all the way through her body.
His lips possessed hers. Softness turned to nibbles. He bit her bottom lip gently, a tease that opened her mouth to his tongue. He slid his tongue on hers.

She slipped her arms around his neck to have his kiss for longer. Every muscle in her body felt melted. His heavenly kiss sent throbs through her pussy. She heard his low moan as she pressed the full length of her body against his.

They bobbed in the water, clinging together.
It felt natural for Emma to bring her legs around his waist.

He cupped her ass and kneaded there, thrusting his erection against her pussy as the fabric of their clothes thinned in the water.

It made the contours of his cock deliciously apparent and Emma sighed with pleasure against his mouth.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014

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