Tropical #MWTease as I feature 'Unexpected Storm' June 21 release from #SecretCravings #erotic

Unexpected Storm

"My place isn’t far. Just a little way past the cliff steps you would take to your hotel.”
Holly enjoyed the feel of his strong hand around hers. It soothed her. She enjoyed being with him as they walked companionably along. It was as if they knew each other, were friends and lovers already.
“How do you know where I’m staying?” she asked as they passed the wooden steps that were built against the cliff, so that guests could easily reach the beach from the hotel.
“I guessed. It seemed you were making for the steps before the heavens opened and you dashed into the beach shelter. That storm came out of nowhere. I’d only just brought in my student. I teach sailboarding and surfing.” He stopped walking.
Holly stopped too.
“We’re here. Are you sure you want this? You’re safe with me, but…”
He didn’t finish his sentence.
Holly couldn’t let doubt creep in, couldn’t let this chance slip away. “I’m sure.”
He led her through gates that were already flung open, up a white gravel path. It was wide, and with a red Jeep Cherokee parked to the side of the house.
The sight of the villa brought a smile to Holly’s lips. It was biscuit colored, with vibrant bougainvillea growing up the walls in swathes of magenta and shocking pink so that it looked like something from an Impressionist painting.
At the door, Will let go of her hand and took a key from under a big terracotta plant pot. Fern fronds trailed over the sides and Will settled the pot down on the tiles of the porch, making sure no greenery was trapped beneath the pot.

He opened the door and took Holly’s hand to lead her inside.
Elodie Parkes Copyright 2014 Secret Cravings All rights Reserved
When Holly takes a vacation with friends she never dreams she will meet someone who turns her lonely life around in just one afternoon…the question is can this kind of heat last… ‘Unexpected Storm,’ releasing June 21, from Secret Cravings Publishing. 


  1. Loved this tease :) Congrats on the upcoming release!

  2. What a marvelous tease -- great work!

  3. This was so Elodie: you pull me in and leave me hanging, lol. Great tease. Congrats on the release and the beautiful cover. :)

  4. I love your setting description, Elodie! Great tease!

  5. This is a lovely teaser. Congrats, Elodie.


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